The Witches Of Bruges

The Witches Of Bruges

The Witches of Bruges “Every family has their secrets”

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A low budget self taped horror movie shot in Uk & Bruges, already got an award winning director attached and sales agents and distribution all lined up. the film is similar to blair witch project and that film's budget was £60k and made over £200 million! You could be part of that, The witches of bruges is set up as an SEIS company so you can invest you tax money into the film and claim 50% back tax free! Ask your account about the SEIS Scheme,  please check out the storyline below,

The Witches of Bruges

“Every family has their secrets

Elise, a young mum-to-be, has recently lost her mother after years of nursing her due to the unstable psychiatric disease she had fought for the best part of a decade. Elise and her fiancé Toby travel across Europe to where Elise grew up as a very young child, Bruges in Belgium, in search for her last known living relative her nan, Anna, whom she has not seen in over 20 years following a fall out that Elise’s mother had with her nan.

Desperate to find her last known living relative in the hope that she will find out the location of her father who she has never met or even seen before.

As Elise finds the village where she was born, horrific events from her childhood begin to flash back to her, Toby becomes increasingly concerned for her health. When they discover the whereabouts of Elise’s nan it soon becomes clear all is not what it seems and the truth behind the family fall out goes much deeper than an argument.

When Elise discovers her dark past it may already be too late for her and her unborn child.