The Winding Garden - A sculpture & show garden

The Winding Garden - A sculpture & show garden

Sculpting the landscape with a bronze sculpture & show garden, exhibition at the prestigious RHS Chatsworth 2018, then donated to Ilkeston.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Winding Garden - Artist Rachel Carter and Ilkeston Community Champion Kerry Wheatley, are submitting plans to create a show garden at the prestigious RHS Chatsworth 2018.

Description of garden

The Winding Garden has at it's heart a large hand made cast bronze sculpture as the central feature of the garden, surrounded by rolling hills of British wild flowers.

The sculpture and garden takes inspiration from the country side and industrial heritage of Derbyshire, the birth place of the artist Rachel Carter, who is also the designer of the garden.  

The artists studio is in an old lace making factory in South of the county where the rolling Derbyshire hills have given way to heavy industry.

This year marks ten years of professional practice for the artist and this will be celebrated by donating the entire garden and sculpture to a location in Ilkeston, near Shed 2 Studios where the artist practice is based.