The Winchester Community Theatre

The Winchester Community Theatre

We would like to Create a Community Theatre in Bournemouth. Helping local creatives and actors giving audiences quality and affordable plays

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On 10th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £280 with 13 supporters in 56 days




For a number of years the Winchester has benn an independent focal-point for performig arts in Bournemouth, Poetry nights are crowded and lively giving space to local poets, artists and enthusiasts, whilst showcasing the leading lights of the Spoken Word/ performing arts scene.

At the Winchester we also work with emerging and established playwrights, Directors and actors providing one of the few affordable spaces in the area where people can come and see new drama. It is not unusual to see audiences and artists engaged in conversation long after the curtain has come down.

Our passion for the arts is driven by our belief that a community not only grows by its art but also develops the artist, and with grass root encouragment and space an artistic community can thrive and serve a wider community.

Th e Winchester is a beautiful Grade 2 listed building, your donations will fund the creation of a community theatre allowing us to restore the stage and venue to a required standard. With your help we can establish a community theatre which allows talent the space and time necessary to grow, whilst also introducing cutting edge productions from around the country.

Please help us by pledging and be a part of building something for a community to enjoy and be part of.


We would like to Create a Community Theatre at The Winchester in Bournemouth. We have just finished a 5 week season of plays some that are well known like Vagina Monologues and others written by Local writers and students like Black Box.   

We would like to build and create a space where local writers, directors and Actors can produce quality plays that are not only accessable and affordable for audiences to come and see but that also are able to give Actors and creatives a worth which they deserve for their art.

your pledges will help us to buy equipment, stage lighting, sound, chairs, restore the stage and venue to a high standard that the  venue requires as a listed building. To book touring plays whilst growing and helping local creatives and actors. And promote and build a permit ant community theatre.

We Are so Passionate about the Winchester as it is a beautiful space, a lovely old bank with a perfect stage for plays, and also we care about the arts and want to be able to provide a Theatre space for years to come so we can help foster and grow local artists and talents and give something back to the town where people are able to go out for a night to see locally produced plays at a fraction of the price of going to a large theatre but that are still of the same quality.

Whilst also inviting cutting edge Theatre touring plays for fringe and pub theatre for the local community to enjoy, and be inspired by. Please help us support and build this as we feel it would become a very special place and is very much needed having a Community Theatre.   



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