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Help us stage the largest unsigned FREE live music festival in the World.

We did it!

On 18th Mar 2015 we successfully raised £125 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Please help us secure the future of

The Willow Festival

for our city and live music artists.

The World's largest FREE festival for unsigned bands and solo acts.


Over 170 bands, performing across 8 stages over 3 days. 50,000+ people, camping, fairgrounds, bars, alternative and exotic shopping village and many other fun attractions right in the heart of Peterborough City.



The Willow Festival brings £1.5 million to the local economy annually. It helps over 650 artists find employment annually. It has spawned over 70 satellite live music events annually and entertains over 50,000 people annually for FREE.

The Willow Festival is organised and produced entirely by unpaid directors, staff and volunteers for the benefit of new and upcoming live music artists. It can only happen annually via your generous donations and business sponsorship.

The Willow Festival enjoys unprecedented support and we want to keep it FREE for all to enjoy, so if you can afford it, please help us and donate.

This is what we stand for. 

Long winded, but if you value the serious stuff as we do, this our mission and pledge.

The Willow Festival is a "not for profit" organisation produced entirely by unpaid volunteers and directors.

We support all genres of live music, from Jazz to DIY Hardcore. If it's palyed live, we will stage it.

The Willow Festival will introduce new audiences to live music performance and will demonstrate the the value of creating music and developing life skills, such as playing a musical instrument, song writing and performing live.

The Willow Festival will appeal to this virgin audience by inviting them to the event FREE OF CHARGE, attracting those who would not normally attend an arts based activity.

TWF will endeavour to widen the public's life experiences and by doing so improve quality of living, especially for the local community.

The Willow Festival also entertains initiated live performance supporters.

The Willow Festival's main focus is on showcasing up and coming new artists - many will be local - giving them the highest quality platform from which to demonstrate their ability in front of both the public and the multi billion pound live performance arts industry.

The Willow Festival encourages the live performance and recording industry to set up further offices in Peterborough. TWF will continue to try to achieve this by demonstrating the city's depth of talent, explaining it's council's desire, co-operation and expertise, extolling it's natural location and pointing out Peterborough's projected population growth. All factors that among other positives make Peterborough a great city to do business from.

Many professionals from the music industry are invited to the event and encouraged to use it as a market place in respect of offering these new artists employment via development deals, publishing contracts, recording contracts, musical instrument industry demonstrator positions or any other of the multitude of positions within the live performance arts industry. among other positives make Peterborough a great city to do business from.

The Willow Festival volunteer staff offer advice on performance art careers and encourage local educational groups, such as colleges and schools, to become involved with the festival and it's organisers.

The Willow Festival trains volunteers in stage management, crewing, sound engineer work, lighting engineer work, stewarding, event management, promotion and many other areas of delivering a large scale live performance event. These skills can be used for future employment opportunities and are valuable for personal development.

The Willow Festival will stand for qua;lity in all areas of it's production. TWF is respected by it's peers and is a credit to it's home town of Peterborough.

The Willow Festival will improve the quality of life for the people of Peterborough and will by association enhance Peterborough's national and international profile, helping business and tourism.


Please pledge and help our volunteers deliver this much loved FREE event. 

Help "The Willow Festival" keep new music healthy, creative, diverse and above all....LIVE. 

 Jazz, Punk, Classical, Blues, DIY, Trip Hop, Country, Metal, Folk, Reggae, Rock n Roll, Funk, Indie, Soul, Prog, Electronica, Fusion...We support all LIVE music and the new artists creating it...please pledge and help us. 








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