The Wild Life
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Raising money to cover costs for travel expense, accommodation and music licensing.

by Tom Hardwick in London, England, United Kingdom


Hi there! I'm Tom, a final year student at Staffordshire University, working on my graduate film - a project that I'm super passionate about. I'm a huge fan of wildlife and nature photography and I knew I wanted to bring this into my last film. If all goes to plan I'll be following a Nature Photographer around the streets of London capturing Urban Foxes and Fallow Deer!


Young uk based wildlife photographer, Harry Read focuses on the urban wildlife that our busy traffic filled cities have to offer. As we follow him through the night, we’ll see the challenges that he faces and the different conditions that he photographs in.

Harry is a 22-year-old wildlife and nature photographer based in the UK. In July 2017 he graduated, with an honours degree in Zoology at Swansea university. Growing up in rural Norfolk/Suffolk allowed him to explore some of the UK's wildest places from an early age. 'After buying my first camera in 2010, I was hooked on capturing the incredible moments in nature that were happening around me, leaving me gripped ever since.’


Here’s a short breakdown of what the estimated costs are for this film: 

Travel - £70.00 (Trains) £60.00 (Car)

Accommodation - £140.00

Catering - £50.00

Music Licensing - £100.00

Festival Submission - £100.00 

I am so excited for this project and I would love for you to be a part of it! If you could donate even a little bit, it would mean so much. All donators will get a special thanks in the credits of the film!

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