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by The White Tent Company in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom


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Our aim as a company is to make team building fun and immersive and test every member's skills.

by The White Tent Company in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

The White Tent Company is a team building company based around interactive performance and media. This company is based in South Wales, Cardiff and is built up of University Performance Media Students/Graduates. The White Tent Company follows the theme of crime and investigation and puts the audience in the shoes of a police officer attempting to find the solution to the crime. Media is a big part of The White Tent Company, allowing small teams of individuals to work together with mobile phones and computers to collect clues in the form of QR Codes. 

We created this company around 3 years ago after completing an assessment in our second year of our degree. Since then we have been testing our business model and creating new storylines. Our University has supported us a lot throughout our journey by allowing us to use their resources and location, however it is now time for us to spread our wings and leave the nest. We would love to be able to start collecting our own props, costume and set pieces and allow us to trade as a company!

We are looking for support to be able to buy props, set and marketing materials for our first customer. This will also involve us giving workshops also on technology and performance. We would really appreciate any support, even if its giving our project a share on your social medias, or following us on social media to join us on our journey.


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Ever wanted to put yourself in a fictional world? Well if you are kind enough to pledge £50 then we will use your name (or a name of your choice) in one of our future storylines! You would be the victim, the police officer, a witness or maybe even the culprit themselves!

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