The Westminster Ecological Society

WES is a student run organisation with a core purpose to further the knowledge and awareness of environmental pollution.

We did it!

On 7th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £114 with 12 supporters in 28 days
Welcome to WES, The Westminster Ecological Society 

We are a team of students from the University of Westminster, who were shocked by the extent of harm that unrecycled plastic does to our environment. Did you know that plastic chemicals can be absorbed by the body? We believe that there is a strong lack of information about plastic waste in our generation. Our mission is to raise awareness about plastic recycling and to dedicate raised funds to help make our planet a cleaner place.

This fund-raising campaign is our first step towards achieving our goal.

We are partnering with TES, The Entrepreneurial Society, by selling tickets to their amazing event.

More details at:

CanoWater company took a great interest in our projects and have already joined us in our mission, helping us by sponsoring the events and the awareness campaign. They produce cans of water that are 80% recyclable and resealed again. 

All the money raised will be donated to them, specifically to tackle plastic recycling problem. Greenpeace has a large amount of resources and connections at hand, which will allow them to use the raised funds in the most efficient way. We aim to raise £1000 and in return provide our donors with great rewards donated by sponsors.

By donating to us, you are making a big impact on reducing plastic waste on our planet. Alternatively, if you are not able to donate, by following us on social media you are helping us to spread awareness on our cause and reach out to larger number of audience.

We hope you won’t stay bias and share our concern, as this problem affects all of us. For more information about the campaign, event and our cause, please visit our Facebook page.



We would like to thank all our Sponsors 




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