The Welcome Place Cafe

The Welcome Place Cafe

The Welcome Place Cafe is a special place in the centre of Keighley where those affected by food poverty may eat with dignity. All are...

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The Welcome Place Cafe is a special place in the centre of Keighley where those affected by food poverty may eat with dignity. All are welcome and those attending are asked to donate what they can afford anonymously, or to help with running the cafe through preparing vegetables, washing up, clearing tables and serving, and this gives people a chance to learn about making nutritious food without being patronising. Several of those attending have taken certificates in food hygiene and have gone into paid work.

Those attending are a mixture of street homeless and those with no home but staying with friends, people with various health problems, those caught up in benefit issues, people who are lonely, and those who for various reasons are unable to make something to eat for themselves.

We have on site a Link Worker  who can help people access benefits, training and job searches.

The cafe has been running for 3 years based on the generosity of the public and support from West Yorkshire Police, Sovereign Healthcare and Airedale Methodist Church Circuit adn Morrison's supermarket, however we now serve around 100 meals a week which we struggle to provide for.,

We are in the process of registering the cafe as a charity but are looking for support to maintain the cafe in the interim.

It costs us £3 to give a nutritious meal and offer support. We want to sustain the cafe for the next 10 weeks.

Please donate £3, or as many meals as you can afford to keep this project running.

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Can you help end Food Poverty in Keighley

Food poverty is the inability of individuals and households to obtain an adequate and nutritious diet, often because they cannot afford healthy food or there is a lack of shops in their area that are easy to reach.

The Government have not kept statistics on poverty since 2003, but we do have information from other organisations:

  • The Trussell Trust, the biggest organisation of food banks show that its 420 food banks gave out 519,000 parcels in the six months between April and the end of September 2016. However, there are many more food banks where statistics are unknown.
  • The End Child Poverty coalition said that in some areas almost half of children lived in poverty, compared to one in 10 in others. The national rate is 29%.
  • One third (32%) of people aged 65 years or over are at risk of malnutrition on admission to hospital*

Locally the Keighley Food Poverty Action Partnership, made up of the Salvation Army, Keighley Asian Women And Children’s Centre, Living Lights, Curry Circle, and The Welcome Project, provides a hot meal every day for those in need. The Welcome Project’s Welcome Place Cafe represents our response to food poverty. 

The Welcome Place Café serves up to 100 meals a week from the Shared Church Hall. We are aware of treating people with dignity so our provision is set up as a café where all are welcome. Although many of our customers tell us their problems and we know they are affected by food poverty, some come because they are unable to make a meal for themselves for a variety of reasons. Some come because they need someone to talk to, and some come to support our work. We ask those who can afford to, to leave a donation in the bucket anonymously. Some leave small change and others are very generous.

We offer every person in need of or using the café the opportunity to volunteer and be trained to be part of the daily running of the resource. This helps both the café and individual. The individual gains confidence and dignity to feel part of something bigger helping to get some people back on their feet and fed. The café benefits from individuals shaping the café in responding positively to the issue of food poverty.

Aside offering food and a listening ear, we can signpost into other organisations and offer practical help, such as finding items of furniture, housing and filling in forms.

Our fruit and vegetables are mainly donated by Morrison’s and Haworth Wholefoods, however individuals also donate items. The Airedale Methodist Church support us by allowing use of their premises

The National Citizenship Service donated us some time in the school holidays to collect items of food from Sainsbury’s

We received some funding from the Safer Communities (West Yorkshire Police) and Sovereign Healthcare last year, however we are currently supporting twice the number of people anticipated.

Our aim is to set The Welcome Place Café up as an independent charity which will allow us to access other sources of funding. In the meantime, we need your help to keep the café open.

How can you help?

The café costs £300 per week to run. This allows us to serve up to 100 meals and offer support to those in need.  Can you pay for one meal at £3 once a week? 100 people doing this will keep us going, but we appreciate lots of people are stretched, so even once a month would help.

Our aim is to raise £3000 to continue through the summer allowing for the charity to be registered.

“Nutrition screening surveys in hospitals in the UK, 2007-2011,” BAPEN, accessed April 2015,, p.41