The Welcome Centre (huddersfield)

RCN 1151282, Huddersfield

The relief of persons suffering from poverty, sickness, disadvantage and the distress arising therefrom, by providing practical support, guidance, advocacy and advice.

We're one of the largest food banks in the north of England.

The number of people using food banks across the UK has risen from tens of thousands to millions since 2010.  

Many factors are contributing to the rise of food poverty, including national welfare reforms, the rise of zero-hours contracts, and struggling local economies. The Welcome Centre provides food, toiletries, and other essentials alongside a one-to-one advocacy, guidance, and support service tailored to people's needs. 

The people we help all have one thing in common; they’re in crisis. 

We know that anyone can find themselves in a financial crisis and we're here to help. Individuals and families face challenges such as job loss, debt and eviction, benefits issues, homelessness, domestic violence, substance misuse, and physical and mental health problems.  Real people find themselves in need of our support.