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I aim to empower women. To be themselves, exactly as they are, and to help each other, all over the world.

by Libby Mata Harii in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

I am a single mother of 5. I have come through a lot to get where I am right now, which is wanting desperately to help empower women through my work. I want to create a book that inspires women to love themselves and shows how career and child rearing don’t have to be entirely separate. I want to make clothing that women feel amazing in - and not clothing that creates an aspiration of something unattainable. I want to spread the word about how women are treated the world over, in the fashion industry - from garment worker to consumer; as mothers, as partners, as friends and empower each other to be part of changing this. Women deserve to have the same opportunities as men, the same earning capacity, the same freedom. Whether they’re mothers or not. Having children should not be a reason to be kept in one place, choosing between career and children. In order to do this the first thing we need to change is our beliefs. And I want to help women do that. Using my words, my images and my clothes that I know make women feel amazing.


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