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The Way Forward Productions (TWFP)

Movie making is about establishing a focused team with common goals and as with most things in life it is about the willingness to succeed.

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What is The Way Forward Productions Ltd (TWFP)?


Its a new British motion picture development company. Every film begins with steps that are built on by a committed team who work to bring films from the realms of an idea into a realised work of art.

Movie making is about establishing a focused team with common goals and as with most things in life it is about the willingness to succeed, to find the way and to go the extra mile.

This attitude is at the core of all we are working towards. We are a new company of like minded people and bring our extensive experience in film production to collaborate with established film makers in Britain and abroad and we commit to make great quality films. From this foundation we aim to also facilitate successful support for British independent movie makers.We therefore invite you to review our latest projects described on the following pages.

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What is our Career Goal?

Our current career goal is to create a production house where movies, commercials, music videos, animation movies, documentarys etc etc are made by a team of people. This would create approx 700 jobs for people who without this production house may not get the opportunity to get into the industry and work and be involved in creating some very special movies and other filming adventures.

We would be looking to give opportunities to teenagers looking for work experience, people who have finished university and college offering apprenticeships and work placements. We want to also help and support people with specific learning difficulties such as people with dyslexia and give them the opportunity to be part of production on all levels within the production house. We also want to help support community groups with media and basic film making courses.

We currenty host a biannual short film awards which is a community-based creativity support company and  which is held at locations in the historic film and television hub of Elstree & Borehamwood, Home to 100 years of Film". We donate our profits to local charities and support groups and also provide educational courses. If you would like to be considered for a part in one of our shows, have a talent you want to share or are interested in any of our courses please see the link

How will we make this possible?

We want to start by filming ten commercial films. The first film which is based on the book  "There's No Room For Jugglers In My Circus" and is written by Author and film producer Jason Cook and is based on true life events.

Follow link to see cast and crew for "The Devils Dandruff"  IMDb Devils Dandruff (2016)

Jason Cook is a former gangster's runner who due to peer pressure; became a drug addict at the age of twelve years old. Within five years he was a face in London's underworld for all the wrong reasons. Jason fully admits he became hooked on drugs, which led to him selling drugs from his bedroom and on the streets to pay off his growing drugs debts to local dealers. Soon he was faced with a situation he couldn't get out of. Jason tells his story over four books. They tell the tales of events that could happen to any of us. He hopes that his story can help others to avoid the pitfalls of drug use and the inevitable negative consequences.

To make this film titled "The Devils Dandruff" we are currently looking for investors and for companies and people who would like a sponsorship deal to get there business or there products into the film. If you are intestered in investment or sponshorship then please see our crowd funding page


So what is it we need to make this happen?

So we are looking for a total of £50,000 for things such as camera equipment, sound and over heads and the rest would go towards completing the filming of "The Devils Dandruff" which has a potential to make low end approx 4 million pound or top end 10 Million pound which would be of course then used to fund the rest of the movies and create the production house which is the sole purpose of this pitch.

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