The War Inside... Again!

The War Inside... Again!

A smaller crowdfunder to try and help with The War Inside going slightly over budget.

We did it!

On 19th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £200 with 8 supporters in 14 days

The War Inside crowdfunder raised roughly £1300, which was amazing, and we are truly, truly grateful to every single person who donated. However, due to a few major sticking points (most notably the weather), the project has stretched about £500 over budget due to re-shoots and a necessary re-write of the opening scene (the original one was destroyed by the weather!), and we would really appreciate any help at in trying to get this project done the way we really would like to and cover the costs of the extra shoot.

We are literally ONE shoot away from completion... Any and all help to try and cover the costs of this shoot would be incredibly well received.

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