The Wansbeck Green Party election campaign

The Wansbeck Green Party election campaign

This project is to raise funds for our General Election campaign in the Wansbeck constituency.

We did it!

On 21st Apr 2015 we successfully raised £510 of £250 target with 16 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

I am pleased to announce that we have already reached our initial target of £250. I have now added a stretch target of £1000. The money raised will enable us to run a full leafleting campaign across the constituency, and if we do especially well we may be able to produce some other campaigning materials as well. Every little helps to get our message out to the voters of Wansbeck.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.

Project aim

This project is to raise funds for our General Election campaign in the Wansbeck constituency.

About the project

We have set up this Crowdfunder page in order to raise funds for our campaign in the Wansbeck constituency.

Wansbeck Green Party has only recently formed and we have just completed the process of selecting our candidate. We are pleased to announce that Chris Hedley, pictured above, will be standing in our constituency.

Unlike the other major UK parties we do not receive funding from corporations, wealthy individuals or trade unions. This means that our policies are guided by our members, not donors with vested interests. The flip side of this is that we must work hard to raise money in other ways, by asking our members and supporters. We rely on your generosity.

We believe it is important to stand a candidate in our constituency as, although it is traditionally a safe Labour seat, we know that many Labour voters are disappointed with the direction the party has taken over the past couple of decades. They are looking for a genuine alternative, and we believe we can offer that.

About our candidate

Chris has lived in Northumberland since he was four years old. Having been born in Newcastle, he moved to Seahouses in 1994. He has been resident in Ashington since 2012.

Chris says:

"I had the amazing experience of being an Olympic torchbearer in Newbiggin when the flame passed through and in that same special year, my daughter was born at the Wansbeck Hospital. I think it's fair to say my roots are now firmly in this area. It’s my home and because it’s my home, I’m incredibly passionate about doing all I can to improve the lives of those who live here.

I truly believe the Green Party is the only party to offer a sustainable future that puts the public first. They offer the change this country badly needs. A change from austerity, privatisation, tax breaks for the rich and a lack of secure and affordable homes. That's why I'm standing and that's why I'm proud to be a member of the Green Party."

About the Green Party

Just a few of the policies the Green Party stand for are:

  • We wish to maintain the NHS as a publicly-owned service and to reverse the current trend of privatisation.
  • We wish to invest in renewable energy and move away from fossil fuels.
  • We will close loopholes that currently allow corporations and wealthy individuals to avoid paying their fair share of tax.
  • We want to see a future without nuclear weapons. We will cancel Trident and put the money towards education, health and housing.

Locally we are campaigning against fracking in Northumberland, open cast mining in Druridge Bay and proposed local bus cuts.

We wish to get our message out by delivering a leaflet through every door in Wansbeck constituency, letting people know they have a genuine alternative to a two-party system which is not working. Please help us to do that by supporting our project.

Our initial target of £250 will allow us to produce a small number of leaflets to deliver in targeted areas. We estimate it will cost significantly more to leaflet the whole constituency so if we hit our initial target early, I will stretch this target so we can try to fund the campaign as completely as possible.

Thank you.

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