The Village Roleplaying Project

by Ben Parkinson in Koro

We did it
On 6th May 2015 we successfully raised £1,279 with 64 supporters in 14 days

Patrick wants to spend his school holiday teaching rural village children in Uganda how to pay the Pathfinder roleplaying game

by Ben Parkinson in Koro

New stretch target

If we can increase the support to £200, then Patrick will be able to take many helpers with him who have experience with the game and have a series of teams in different areas.


If we can raise a further £250, then we will acquire a generator, that will enable us to charge the computers in the village, which will help us also to deliver computer training, but also to ensure that the adventure modules are available and can be referred to by the GMs on the computer throughout the day.


Well we made this target, so I am going to allocate the next £150 to be a RPG-only computer, if we can raise it.  At the moment, we all share computers and sometimes the roleplayers can't do what they want, as others need the computers for their own work.  This will be the next stretch target.


Amazing support - thank you!  I have raised the stretch target to include the cost of some chairs and a large table (or tables) at our new centre.  We were originally planning to do the rpg on mats and cushions inside, but a table and chairs is what is really needed, so we will have one specially made by a local carpenter and acquire some plastic chairs.  Obviously these will also be a long-term asset for the Centre, which can be used ongoing for a range of activities, not just the roleplaying.  A good table will be about £100 and we can acquire ten chairs at around £10 each.


Once again, thank you for the incredible support.  I'm overwhelmed at the generosity of people, but if anyone would still like to support us, then we will put the money towards one of the following:

(1) The food for the kids at our centre.  We are based in a place where children grow up with just one meal a day, so when we offer roleplaying games, then we do them in the evening and almost always feed those that participate.  It makes the games more attractive for new players and also puts people in the right frame of mind to concentrate.

(2) Further future village rpg excursions, such as the next holiday period, which is in August.

(3) A small music and sound system to support the rpg especially, as we like to use sound and music to enhance the atmosphere

(4) More DM training sessions

(5) More furniture at our Kireka centre

(6) Support for shipping of new donated materials

(7) Software licences, such as Fantasy Grounds

(8) Tablets for VTT use

Project aim

Patrick wants to spend his school holiday teaching rural village children in Uganda how to play the Pathfinder roleplaying game

About the project

Children in Uganda can be no less imaginative than their international counterparts and the Village Roleplaying Project helps ensure that children develop their imagination, even in the most deprived areas, where creativity and inspiration is hard to find.

Patrick is now 13 and has now taught more than 50 children how to roll dice, how to fight monsters and how to solve problems they encounter in roleplaying adventures.

Patrick is one of seven young changemakers on the Butterfly Project, who are learning leadership skills by taking part in the Kingmaker roleplaying campaign.  He himself is also running the first part of the adventure for younger children, who are interested in the roleplaying, which is one of many activities that take place at the Chrysalis Centre in Kampala.

Patrick is now on holiday and he wants to use his break to travel to the remote rural area of Koro, where Chrysalis has another centre to inspire children to be changemakers.  He needs $100 (approx £60) to make the trip and spend several days at the Chrysalis Centre Koro, which is 300km from Kampala.  We'll take photos and give out feedback on how the local children react to the adventures!

In future, Patrick plans to write some adventures based around local historical stories, that he will be able to run in villages and slums and encourage others to write their own adventures and earn money for their local communities.

There is more information about the Butterfly Project at, which teaches young people to be changemakers and also on the Paizo blog, which discusses the roleplaying project particularly.  Paizo supported us with substantial amounts of materials last year.


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