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The Village Pub & Kitchen

We are looking to raise cash to buy some craft ale recipes, and branding from a mirco-brewery that is closing to take to the local market

We did it!

On 12th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Project aim

To rasie funds to buy the recipes, and branding of an existing selection of ales, to then take to the local market place and sell. 

About the project

We have been approached by a micro-brewery that is closing due to a change in personal circumstances, to purchase their beer recipes, branding and current stock of 10 craft ales. This will allow us to expand our pub business into craft ale retailing and allow us to diversfy our business allowing us to generate an addional income stream for our pub business, allowing us to maintain trading the two village pubs and providing a hub for the local communities that we serve. It will also allow us to retail the beers across the local and regional area.

We have a very good relationship with a local Micro brewery that currently have additional capacity in there brewery and this will allow us to contract them to brew the beers for us, alowing us and them to expand and maintain viable small businesses. 

The funds we are looking to raise cover the cost of aquiring the brands and the recipes of each of the 10 beers, along with enough money to pay for the first brew. Meaning that we can hit the ground running with the project from day one.

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