The Village Boardgame Project

Kenneth (14) wants to spend his school holiday teaching village children in Northern Uganda how to play modern board games.

We did it!

On 23rd May 2015 we successfully raised £90 of £60 target with 6 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Kenneth is also working on a programme to develop boardgames from existing materials and we have been particularly successful in turning a square of plywood into a 64 square chess board, which can be used for games like draughts and, if pieces are available, chess.  Most particularly, though, we have been teaching Othello to children, as this game is very easily played using bottle tops, which are readily available and completely free.  Last year we had an Othello championship.  If we achieve the stretch goal, we can acquire more plywood board, that can be kept at our rural centre and with which we can build many boards for teaching village children how to play Othello and other board games, like draughts and chess.

Project aim

Kenneth (14) wants to spend his school holiday teaching village children in Northern Uganda how to play modern board games.

About the project

Children in Uganda can be no worse at problem-solving than their international counterparts are and the Village Board Game Project helps ensure that children develop a range of helpful skills, even in the most deprived areas, where creativity and inspiration is hard to find.

Kenneth is now 14 and has now taught many children how to play the various board games that we have at the Chrysalis Centre, which is based in one of Kampala's slums, known as the Acholi Quarter.

He particularly is a fan of Ticket to Ride and in the video explains what skills you need to succeed at the game.  We like to offer a range of different games suitable for different abilities, from "My First Monopoly" to complex games like Agricola, Descent and Runebound, for the older children.

Kenneth is now on holiday and he wants to use his break to travel to the remote rural area of Koro, where Chrysalis has another centre to inspire children to be changemakers.  He needs $100 (approx £60) to make the trip and spend several days at the Chrysalis Centre Koro, which is 300km from Kampala.  We'll take photos and give out feedback on how the local children react to the games!

Kenneth is also a writer and editor of the Acholi Quarter Youth News and in the future could be a boardgame designer, bringing much-needed income and creating intellectual property for the people of Uganda to benefit from.

There is more information about the Butterfly Project at, which teaches young people to be changemakers.

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