The Very Happy Man Card Company

by The Very Happy Man Card Company in London, England, United Kingdom

The Very Happy Man Card Company
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We are a greetings card start-up looking to raise money for and raise awareness of charities who combat male depression and suicide.

by The Very Happy Man Card Company in London, England, United Kingdom

My name is Ollie, I’m a 24-year-old professional from London who has suffered from depression for the past two years.

Having bottled it up for the best part of 20 months, I have recently opened up and shared my problems with others around me. To my surprise, I have found that several of my close friends have had similar problems. Why don’t we talk about these issues more? If I’d done this back in 2016, I would be in a much better place now.

I have recently had the idea for a greetings card company called The Very Happy Man Card Company, which will donate 20% of all profits to charities who combat male depression and suicide, meanwhile raising awareness for these issues. In my working life I write blogs for companies to raise awareness of their products, and on the blog for The Very Happy Man Card Company I would like to share stories, experiences and advice for other men to help them to deal with depression.

I am looking for funding to help get the project off the ground, so that I can market the products and get them into shops. This will get the name out there and be the push that is needed to get started and start helping people with our donations!

Thank you for reading, and hopefully this looks like something that you could help me out with!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A personally-written greetings card from Ollie

Let's make 'The Very Happy Man Card Company' happen