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A community based venue, it’s in a run down area where we want provide, wellness, fitness, sports, events, drop ins, general support.

by Carol in Sunderland, England, United Kingdom

I’ve brought up my kids one of which is disabled and I know hard how this can be. I’ve got a degree in counselling, and have many other qualifications around the arts. 

I would now like to open this venue to give support and activities to a run down community. I also have a team mate just as passionate who has a degree in dance and loves working in the community. 

We have a fab team of people, who will rent a few rooms to pay for our rent. These people either don't work or really want to get out of a job they don’t like. Or have a fabulous hobby that they would like to turn into a business that would also benefit the community. We will also be supporting these people to get them going. 

All trading will be from new activities, also generated from hobbies that will be turned into businesses. 

We will be generating income by running a cafe/bistro serving food all day. And also hiring out the events rooms. Where 2 new businesses will be created to go with this. 

We then will offer counselling, wellness, events, coffee mornings, play groups, Christmas parties, dance classes, theatre groups, sporting activities and many more for all ages, cultures, the disabled, and families. 

We are also hoping to help people with mental health problems, a drop in centre with some kind friendly people about to support them. 

Let's make 'The Venue' happen

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