The Vagrant's King

by Daniel Gwilliam in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom


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A wanderer ventures into a fabled "better land" to search for his distant father, however, this misbegotten realm is not what it seems.

by Daniel Gwilliam in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Film Synopsis:

"Please, my child, I beseech thee... usurp my throne."

Upon receiving a letter from a forlorn father, an anonymous wanderer ventures to locate a fabled "better land," that enthralled their father years prior. 

Beset by not only the physical distorted maladies that plague this realm but their own steadily fracturing psyche, it is soon made clear this place is not what it seems. 

Now, in addition to adhering to his father's plea, they must decide whether to break the cyclical allure of this realm or succumb to it.  

       (Image is a proof of concept and not indicative of the final product.)

The Film: 

I am a third-year film student, who has been studying creative media for a considerable amount of time. I am based within Plymouth, Devon, UK though I meander between there and Bristol, UK. 

I am an adamant advocate of most things macabre, inane, and/or historical, which often bleeds into all of my projects. Particularly, I am fond of movies such as Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1998), Mick McDougherty's Trick 'r' Treat (2007), and Jordan Downey's The Head Hunter (2018). However, my primary inspirations often derive from TV series and video games, for instance, Dark Souls (2007). 

The Vagrant's King will serve as both a passion project and my graduation film. 11 - 12 minutes in duration; it has a predominant focus on the fight and character choreography, in addition to writing and editing. 

Fusing concepts of strife, Cosmicism, and a little sprinkling of Faust, all set within a contorted visage of the late Medieval period, The Vagrant's King strives to be entertaining while eluding to a deeper world.

The Plan:

Throughout the entire process, I will be accompanied by a trope of fellow student creators and actors, who are all willing to work on the project. 

Filming on both location and built sets have been found or designed, and both will reflect the atmosphere I want to permeate the storyline as well as the period it's made to reflect. The set warehouse has been booked, while the external locations have been sussed out. 

Dartmoor, specifically the Burrator Reservoir, will serve as the epicenter for the majority of the shoot, while smaller locations such as the West Soar watchtower will be the location for some alternate scenes.

Audio, aside from the diegetic sounds of movement, will be ADR. The dialogue will be added in post to add to the uncanny nature the world is meant to exude, while also allowing the actors to focus on their movements. 

All props and costumes are designed with authenticity running parallel to aesthetics, as such all props, including swords, are sought to be durable and capable of full contact. Fundamentally, this is to add a sense of realism and catharsis to the numerous skirmishes. I come from both a full-contact and theatrical Medieval reenactment background, so I will supervise as well as choreograph all battles.

The funding will go towards construction materials for the sets, acquiring and maintaining more props, costumes, reimbursing transport costs, and any potential film festival submission cost.

Shoot days are tentative, however, set shoots will take place over the 6th of April until the 10th. All shoots dates will take place within April 2020. Between then, I will be devising the musical accompaniment, in addition to the overall narration. Logistics are not set in stone but are progressing well.

Here are some of the props and costumes procured thus far:

Any donations would not only be appreciated but would help facilitate the production value of the finalised product. 

I want to create a piece I can be proud of, one to showcase to a wider audience and, hopefully, entertain them. 

Thank you for your time and your potential support. Have a good day.   (^-^)


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