The Vaccine For Life

The Vaccine uses a simple physics-based idea to expand your mind into a perspective where you and everything around you suddenly makes sense

We did it!

On 24th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £15 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Hi, I'm Vaughn.

I'm asking for donations to help pay for advertising in order to inject a simple physics-based thought experiment, The Vaccine For Life, into the social media networks. The vision being to stop the madness of division created by all religions, and put an end to the prejudice, ignorance and greed that is currently ripping our world apart.

To put The Vaccine into context, as concisely as possible, I'll have to make some sweeping statements. Just try to roll with it.

Politics and religion leave us feeling disillusioned and disconnected; we have nothing to believe in and our lives don't make any sense; so we fight among ourselves and bedlam ensues.

Yet deep down inside we sense that in some way we're connected - synchronicity, deja vu, intuition, dreams and a whole host of other metaphysical conundrums - ghosts, the clairvoyant etcetera - but no-one can explain how or why!

So here's what The Vaccine is:-

The Vaccine explains established laws of physics and biology from the perspective which they prove, (a bit of a mouthful and it sounds complicated ... but it isn't.) This radical new approach makes previously mind bogglingly theories, such as general relativity and quantum mechanics, easy to understand. There's no need for maths or equations. Your life experiences have already created all the knowledge you need. The Vaccine's new approach shows you yourself from a slightly altered perspective. One that has mind-expanding implications.

This is what The Vaccine does :-

The Vaccine provides a physics-based explanation for your 'sense of being connected' and all other metaphysical conundrums. It uses science and logic to dispel the hypocisy and devision created by religion and prejudice - but it also does something much more subtle. Just like in the movie 'Inception' The Vaccine plants an idea in your mind.

Whenever you go there you'll be exploring your life from what you'll sense to be a totally new perspective. In reality it's simply a dimension of yourself that you've previously not considered. How you explore that dimension is determind by your life experiences, which, although different for each and everyone of us, takes us ever closer to unifying common ground. 

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