The UK Climate Council

by Rob Edwards in London, England, United Kingdom

The UK Climate Council


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To take a step forward to creating a carbon net-zero United Kingdom.

by Rob Edwards in London, England, United Kingdom

The time is now. We need to make a change to save our planet and it starts with us.

The idea is simple 45 million people use social media in the U.K alone. If each person donates £5 towards saving the planet we could put £225,000,000 a-side to aid the crisis that is climate change. For the price of a coffee.

£5.00 that’s it, from each person.

Comic relief raises money for children and people in CRISIS. The planet is in CRISIS. £63 million pounds was raised this year and I want us to do more.

I want to create a council of knowledgeable people who can use this money to reduce the amount of carbon emissions we emit.

This council would be responsible for:

- Distributing and allocation funding

- Looking at projects to become self-sustainable

- Creating jobs if possible

- Investing and educating the future.

I see this project as being politics-free (or close to it) and being able to fund projects such as:

- Solar Panel and Wind Farms

- Electric transport incentives

- Creating cycle networks

- Funding inventors and Eco-projects

- Investing in eco-systems and planting trees

- Managing waterways and cleaning up the coastline

Our government have failed us, but the people have not. Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough, Al Gore, Leonardo Dicaprio are all huge figures but the people of this planet, the silent protestors and activists are the real heroes and its US who can and will make a difference at the cost of £5.00.


Let's make 'The UK Climate Council' happen

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