The Ugandan Village Boardgame Convention

by Ben Parkinson in Koro Road

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To promote the development of board games in rural villages in Uganda

by Ben Parkinson in Koro Road

You've inspired the Boardgame Pioneers Uganda Podcast!

Thanks all who contributed to this project.  The boys have really taken to the idea of being the ones to develop boardgames in Uganda and last Sunday, we filmed their first "review-style" podcast and they say they'd like to do more of these in the future if you like them.  If you have a moment, check out their new channel Boardgame Pioneers Uganda and give them some feedback on the film.  For the moment I did the editing, but Beckham is learning how to use Hitfilm 4 Express, so he may do (a better job on) this for future podcasts!  If you want to go straight to the film, here it is:

All of the four had good time to speak and you can see that they have different interests in boardgames.  Beckham is very keen on the cooperative style.  The other three all like adventurous games, like Runebound, though we play that rarely.  Patrick is very imaginative and also likes science fiction a lot and so we are hoping to enhance our collection with something more than our existing Battlestar Galactica soon.  Joseph thinks on a high level and enjoys taxing his intellect, while Arnold is a free-thinker, who analyses the games very well.

We'll try to include others in future podcasts, especially some girls, who like Battlestar Galactica and games like Alhambra and Codenames.  We just need to organise them to be there when we do the filming on Sundays, when it is quiet enough at the centre.

Thanks also to those who may have contributed to Ben Maddox Infoperfected podcast game collection.  He has found supporters for us in three countries so far and hopes to send everything across for our next convention in September.

Lastly, if you know about how to make good podcasts and feel you could help us improve what we are doing, then please get in touch on - we really are nothing close to experts, but we try to do our best.  The kids are working on a logo for their new Pioneers name....

I hope you like the video...

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