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Our aim is to raise a decent-sized budget to make our neon short opus much more feasible.

by Joseph James in Media City Uk, England, United Kingdom

"Writer and journalist Bronagh Murrow is researching her next piece when she gets caught up in a gang hit gone wrong. Left alone in a dangerous city and surrounded by people she can’t trust, Bronagh must navigate her own path to safety. Escaping the violent gangs that control the streets, the corrupt police department and the mysterious figure that pursues her, Bronagh knows it’s going to be a long night. She’ll need all her cunning and tenacity if she wants to survive, let alone discover why so many people don’t want her to see the sunrise."


Georgie King - Bronagh Murrow

Susi Ramberger - Mustard

Owen O'Connell - Llewellyn Evans

Pete Brough - Lloyd Barker

Kezia Turner - Marlowe


Sanjay Sarwal - Director

"I have always loved classic noir/neo noir films such as the The Third Man and the original Blade Runner, as a fan of the style I have been incredibly passionate about directing my own neo-noir film, I can't wait to work with my incredible dream to show our take on the noir style."

Rob Joynes - Writer

"I was asked by the director to collaborate on a action thriller film with a unique visual style and together we conceptualised the 12th Hour. This film allowed me to experiment with noir influenced dialogue in a retro futuristic setting and I'm incredibly excited to see the results of our labour."

Joseph James - Producer

"There's plenty of room for films like The Twelfth Hour in our current cinema landscape. As more brightly glowing, synth-arpeggiating genre films like 'Good Time' and 'Mandy' creep their way into the public eye, more opportunities are arising for people like us not only to make something beautiful, but to have it seen by people who genuinely care."

Sophie Lloyd-Smith - Director of Photography

"I was really interested in the project as I liked the idea of a neon noir film set in an alt right British dystopia especially with all the political turmoil we’re currently in. But mostly the neon vibes."

Hazera Begum - 1st Assistant Director

"This film appealed to me due to the complexity of the narrative and how it exposes the issues of our society. Another reason I've chosen to be part of this production is because I like cinematography and style in which the film is being made in."

Jared Gandy - Camera Operator

"The idea of this film drew me towards it, having neon lighting and night shoots within it to help me gain experience with filming at night. This film will help expand my skills further."

Chloe Mullen - Production Designer

"From the moment I read the script I was hooked. I approached the Director in an effort to understand his vision, it went perfectly and we could both see the same Retro-Futuristic world that surrounds the characters. I felt this film would be an amazing opportunity in the world of Production Design and a lot of hard work."

Obiora Okosi - Co-production Designer

"The Twelfth Hour appealed to me as a film idea because of its politics and edgy neo-noir, dystopian theme, even though it is set in Britain 5 years after Brexit, it is almost as if you feel you are part of another universe completely, the stories compelling characters, futuristic costumes and action packed storyline were all things that attracted me to the film and made me want to be one half of production design, with all of these elements, the narrative will simply be unforgettable"

Cassie Harper - Sound Designer

Lee Preston - Additional Sound

Oli Crossland - 1st Assistant Camera Operator

Ben Moran - 2nd Assistant Camera Operator

Dan Sierwald - Assistant Gaffer

Ryan Golt - Assistant Gaffer


We intend to use the budget we gather from this Crowdfunder for a number of things. It will cover transportation to the shoot locations as well as feeding actors and crew. We will also spend a great deal on props and other things to improve the vision of the film, such as great-looking costumes, realistic Airsoft rifles and posters that we can place in the background to tell multiple interconnected stories simultaneously.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

Credit & Digital Copy

You will be in the credits of the final cut of the film, which you will also be able to download!

£40 or more

2 of 15 claimed

Poster, Credit and Digital Copy

You'll receive a large print of the film poster designed by Jacob White, as well as all the contents of the previous award.

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