The Trip - Short Film

by Bethany Mackin in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

The Trip - Short Film
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'The Trip' is a LGBTQ coming of age/comedy shooting in Late October in Bournemouth.

by Bethany Mackin in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom


Hi There,

We’re  Bethany and Jack, current masters students at Bournemouth University, and the co-producers of The Trip. 

The Trip and is an LGBTQ+ coming of age film about four friends go on one last camping trip together before they finish college and go to different corners of the UK. When they arrive, two of them make a bet about who can sleep with their other friend first. After drunken mishaps and some home-truths, they all leave feeling different than when they arrived. 

We really want to make this film as we feel like it’s a good, unique comedy that helps bring LGBTQ+ characters into the foreground of the narrative.  Our film touches on themes such as uncertainty about taking the next step in life and self-acceptance that we feel like any young person can relate to. 

We are currently planning on shooting this in Late October with the necessary precautions put into place for Coronavirus. 

We can’t wait to make this film but we can’t make this film without your help!


  • Thea - aged 18, Transgender//Lesbian - The mum of the group. She just wants to have a nice weekend away with her friends to make memories before they all move away.
  • Isaac  - aged 18, Gay - He is a bit dramatic, but he’s always looking to out for his friends to try and cheer them up. He initiates the bet with Laura to get Ben’s attention.
  • Laura - aged 18, Straight - The youngest of the group. She is an uptight perfectionist who always follows Isacc’s lead on most things.
  • Ben - aged 18, Bisexual - Ben is a friend of Thea’s who is invited onto the trip. Ben is an attractive, nice guy but is completely oblivious to the bet on him.


We feel heavily influenced by late 2000s British comedies, most notably The Inbetweeners, St Trinian’s, ETC. We really like this style of filming as it gives the film that quintessential British comedy feel. By looking through these films we aim to use similar lighting techniques, colours, and also the style of camera movements to amplify the authenticity of our story and the world surrounding the characters.

As well as this, we have also taken inspiration from current coming-of-age comedies on platforms such as Netflix as we believe that the use of colour in these styles of films is quite varied and would suit the feel for our film.





For the budget, we would like to raise £500 towards the making of this film. To make sure that you know what you’re helping us achieve, we promise to be fully open about where your money goes. 


Each part of our budget graph highlights a very important part of the film. With your contribution, we can ensure that we can afford to tell our story. 

With your donation, we will also be able to create strong COVID prevention measures during the shooting of our film. This has always played a big part in our pre-production of the film and will be the highest priority during our production. With your help, we will be able to provide masks, hand sanitizer, and a gun thermometer to help prevent any possible spread. On our end, we will be ensuring that social bubbles are kept on set and we will make sure that temperatures will be taken and recorded at the beginning of each day. 

We want to say thank you in advance to anyone who donates or shares the campaign! We can wait to see the Trip come to live and we are very appreciative of anyone that helps us towards this dream! 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Physical Postcard

If you donate £10 or more, we will send you a physical Postcard with an original still from the film, signed by the cast and crew! As well as everything from the previous tier!

£2 or more

Thank You!

We appreciate every donation and share that we can get! If you donate £2, we will send you a thank you email from the crew!

£5 or more

Online Postcard

If you pledge £5, we will send you an Online Postcard with a still from the film along with the Thank You email!

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Get the Script!

If you donate £25, you will receive a digital copy of the script, along with the gifts from the previous tiers!

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Get the Storyboards

If you donate £20 or more, we will send you a digital copy of the storyboards plus everything from the previous tiers!

£50 or more

Exclusive Access to the Film!

If you donate £50 or more, we will give you special access to an early viewing of the finished film and a personalized thank you video! As well as everything from the previous tiers!

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Executive Producer Credit!

If you donate £100 we will give you an Executive Producer Film Credit on the Film! Plus everything from the previous tiers!

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