The Treebies

The Treebies

To print a children's book, written by my mum and inspired by her love of trees and woodlands... Go into the trees with the Treebies!

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These are furry and feisty little creatures, with long tuffty ears, bright beady eyes and a small button nose. They live in and around Whispering Wood and with their handy tool bag, they set to work each day nurturing the trees in their wood. They take this role very seriously as it is the trees that provide homes and food for them and so many other woodland creatures and wildlife.

This tale is about the Oaker's family who look after the oak trees and are on a mission to save one very special oak:

Mr Oaker - stern and solid with a beard and ruff.

Mrs Oaker - clever and caring with a golden ruff.

Twig - bold and brave with sticky up ears.

Bell - sharp-eyed and strong with rosy cheeks.


Please help us to take our children Into the trees with the Treebies and the magical world of nature!

Essentially this project is to raise funds to cover the cost of printing and marketing The Oakers' Tale. Set in Spring, this is the first in a collection of four seasonal books, all telling the tales of Treebie adventures, with beautiful illustrations, story related activities and dyslexia friendly. We believe children (4+) and adults alike will be enchanted!


"The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind" Maria Montessori.

Through this project we can also share our passion - to inspire children to go out; to get muddy and have adventures; to be themselves and thrive; and to love and protect our wild world. We believe that this will nurture an understanding of and a respect for our environment and the interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land.  And this is more important than ever in a world now suffering the ramifications of climate change, increasing mental health and general health issues, and an education system that focuses on league tables rather than the individual child.

"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks." John Muir.

We will donate 50p from the sale of every copy of The Oakers’ Tale to the Wildlife Trusts Wales; and then 50p from the sale of every copy of The Willow’s Tale to the British Dyslexia Association. We also hope to support Woodland Trust with our third book.


Helen Evans is the author with her three daughters her creative team: Lisa as illustrator; Sophie as editor and book designer; and Rhiannon as editor and business support.

For Helen Evans it all began in a wood next to her childhood home, where she would roam free and explore. Such adventures into the trees has sparked a life-long love of their individual beauty, size and, of course, climb-ability! Helen, with her husband Graham, is now retired, has four grown children and nine grandchildren. As a mother she took her children on daily jaunts with the dogs, into the trees, to build dens and make fires for toasting marshmallows or cooking sausages. A tradition she continues now with her grandchildren.

The Oakers' Tale is dedicated to Helen's son Jason and her grandchildren.

To Jason: who as a boy was fearless and spirited, with a mop of blond hair, bright eyes and a cheeky little grin. But whose life changed when he started school. He was called stupid and lazy, even after it was discovered he had glue ear and was dyslexic; and was given no educational support. He was quite often suspended and finally expelled from his secondary school. Jason left school illiterate and vulnerable, with limited choices and low self-esteem.

Today, as a family, we believe that dyslexic children are simply alternative thinkers - they think laterally and creatively, often achieving original results; and, like all children, should be celebrated for their individuality.

 To the grandchildren: who have all been touched by Helen's (Nana's) love of trees and the great outdoors.

So please help us take our children Into the trees with the Treebies and the magical world of nature! 

We need to raise £5,000 to cover the cost of printing and marketing The Oakers’ Tale.


Please have a look at the beautiful and meaningful rewards we have put together (on the right hand-side) for you to choose from. Or you can just make a pledge. And please remember that although your pledge will be taken from your account, it will be fully refunded if we do not reach 100% of our target.

What else do The Treebies have in-store for you?!

We are really thrilled to have another three books in progress:

The Willows' Tale: a summer's story

The Conkers' Tale: an autumnal story

The Pines' Tale: a festive winter's story

We would also love to produce:

  • The Treebie's handy tool bag! Something which children will be able to pack their essentials in for adventures in the wood.

Follow website where all of The Treebie books and merchandise will be available to buy in the future.


When will I receive my rewards?

We need to reach our target of £5,000 so we can get printing straight away! We aim to have rewards posted to you by April, in perfect time for Spring!

When will The Treebies: The Oakers’ Tale be on sale to the general public?

We plan to launch the first book during the Easter Holiday, with opportunities to meet Helen Evans, the author, and listen to the story being read. Further information will be on our website:

Where can we buy the book?

We hope the book will be available to buy through Woodland Trust, book shops and our website:

When will the 2nd book: The Willows’ Tale be published?

The Willows' Tale is a summer’s story and has already been written with illustrations in-progress. We would like to publish this book in Summer 2019 – you will be able to follow our progress via website and The Treebies face book page, you can even join our mailing list for updates by emailing


Thank you for reading about the Treebies, we hope this has inspired you to take action. Even if you can’t pledge we would really appreciate you sharing our page and spreading the word that the Treebies can take us into the trees!

With huge thanks

Helen and Graham Evans, Sophie Lederer, Lisa Guy and Rhiannon Raitt x