My Good Buddy Got His Bikes Stolen Fundraiser

by grahamb in London, England, United Kingdom

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My buddy came home to find the back ripped off his shed; his bikes and tools were all stolen. No insurance. He's sad. I want to help. Help?

by grahamb in London, England, United Kingdom

I have a buddy. He is the best. He's got a wicked little family, always helps people out, helped me beat cancer last year (no joke), helped build and run a school in Ghana, helps kids as a school teacher every day.

He came back from a little trip with his girlfriend and little boy today to find the backed ripped off his shed and his mountain bikes, tools and a bunch of other stuff stolen. Including some friends bikes that he was was looking after. Like I say, rad guy. 

Anyway, they weren't insured - he's nice, but not too smart - and I want to help him out. It's a few thousand pounds worth of stuff but every little helps.

No bull, I just want to help my pal.

Let's pay it forward if you can...

Thanks guys!

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