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The Toast Club is a mobile food pod selling toast with toppings; a simple food that can cater to all. Available at festivals across the UK.

by Simone Knowles in Saunderton, England, United Kingdom

I thought of this idea in 2015, when I first started University. I noticed that food at festivals was so expensive, and the food available at my University after nights out was so unhealthy. I would often just go home and make myself some toast as it saved money and was not unhealthy. That is when I came up with The Toast Club. 

For years I pondered on the idea. However, I have always wanted to be my own boss. It is the only option for me. Therefore, I decided to set up this business instead of apply for graduate jobs and follow the same path that so many were. 

The Toast Club has been a year in the making, however, we are nearly ready to trade. After we incur few more costs such as our equipment, we can start trading. 

The Toast Club is not just a way for me to make a living, it is a way for me to start a company that is up-to-date with the world; plastic free, low to no waste, fun and innovative ideas. I have worked in the food and events industry for many years and have seen so many problems with how the companies are run, how their employees are treated and how this all affects the customers. I want to do things differently. I want to create an environment by which customers and employees can become one, have fun together and celebrate the joys of such events, and all this can happen through a simple but well known food - toast. 

Let's make 'The Toast Club' happen

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