The Theresa May Float- Stop Brexit Tour

The Theresa May Float- Stop Brexit Tour

Now the General Election called for 8th June 2017 , this fund is to bring the May Brexit Float out on tour & protest.

We did it!

On 24th May 2017 we successfully raised £13,284 with 604 supporters in 35 days

The Theresa May Brexit Float Tour.

Now a General Election has been called June 8th it is now urgent to get the Theresa may Brexit Float out on a Tour . She has to come out for as many events and protests as possible within the budget of this fund.  She was originally brought over from Germany for the March 25th march to Stop Brexit - Parliament Square.  Due to the tragic events it was deemed right to remove the float from the march.  Current costs for transportation , insurance and rights to use are currently around £8500 - Peter French has used his personal funds to get her here urgently in time for the march - This cost and the cost of getting her out as much as possible are what this fund has been set up to raise. Those that funded the original Float fund that was set up "The Emergency May Brexit Float Appeal" the fund was negated due to not being able to have the float at the march  - no money was collected (Total raised was £7540 then made £0) . Your generosity and good will was very welcome - We hope you make that pledge again.   It is important that Crowd Funder Appeals are seen to be open, honest and transparent.  As this is an ongoing Tour and The Prime Ministers movements and where best to target the float are as yet unknown - exact costs can not be calculated , therefore this fund has been set up as a rolling fund and updates will be given as the tour progresses.   Lets get her out there and get this done 

Thanks to all of you that help to make this a successful Campaign. 

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