The Tennis Dream

The Tennis Dream

I am an upcoming tennis player who is striving to be in the top 10 in the world. I am raising money to compete internationally.

We did it!

On 9th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £1,930 with 28 supporters in 56 days

About me

My name is Crystal Sutar I am 19 years old and play tennis all around Britain.  I started playing tennis at age 10 starting as a 10.2, I am now currently a rating of 3.2 with a British national ranking of 146.  I am training to become a professional tennis player.

I compete in tennis tournaments across the UK which is very costly as; I have to pay for accommodation, food and travel when competing in British Tour events.  I would like to go to a tennis academy in Spain called Global Team Tennis in January for 6 weeks.  Attending this academy would take me to the next level in my tennis due to; all the players in the academy have world rankings and the quality of coaching is much higher.  

Next year February I will be competing in the British Tour circuit every week traveling all around Britain playing tournament which will be very exciting.  After competing in the British Tours I will then start to compete in the ITFs tournaments (International Tennis Federation) which will be tournaments based all around the world.


How you can help

This project is not just to benefit myself, it can also benefit you! All pledges have rewards of acknowledgement on social media sites such as twitter and facebook.  If you are a business I will wear a t-shirt with your company's name on it.  There are much more rewards for the different pledges on the right in the grey box.  

With your support I will be able to receive a high level of coaching to improve my game.  The money raised will allow me to travel all over Britain competing in high level tournaments which will elevate my national ranking, as a result of this it will put me in a good posistion when I compete in the ITF's.  It will also support me when i start to compete internationally in the ITF's which is very important as I would receive a world ranking. Thank you very much for your support.





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