The Ten Years After

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The Ten Years After
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A book about life in an independent Scotland. It will be freely distributed in order to help win over those who are undecided.

by Scott Graham in

I, like half the country, believe that independence for Scotland will be a good thing. We need to persuade more people that this is the case and we need to do it in creative, interesting ways. 

When we do set off down that road, it won't be an easy journey and I believe a realistic telling of that story without a sugar coating, might appeal to the practically-minded waverers who reluctantly opted for the status quo in 2014. 

To win them over, I have begun writing a fictional account of life in Scotland set ten years after Independence is achieved. Rather than make it a dry exploration of possible outcomes, it is a story with a heart as well as a purpose.

The story follows Dan Charles, a London-based reporter who is assigned the role of 'Scotland Correspondent' for the English Broadcasting Corporation. He arrives in Scotland with preconceptions about its economy and its people, however, after covering a range of local stories over 12 months he begins to understand more about what it means to be Scottish and what the country is trying to achieve. During his year-long assignment, Dan finds himself at the centre of a mystery as he stumbles upon information about the role his employer played in Scotland's journey to independence. 


The book will be written in the accessible, light-hearted style of my first publication and will not be heavy-handed preachy or a rose-tinted indy fantasy. I want this to be an engaging, realistic story that is set in a country we have yet to create, but could

Although fiction, the book will draw heavily from the 2014 White paper, the 2018 Growth  Commission report, work by The Common Weal and the thoughts of bloggers and indy philosophers, in order to create a believable future for our hero.

Subjects explored in the book will be: 

  • Brexit
  • Print Media
  • Television
  • Passports
  • Currency 
  • The energy industries
  • Education
  • Social security
  • Local Government
  • Political Parties
  • The Islands
  • England
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • The Border
  • The Whisky Industry
  • Food
  • Science
  • Digital Industries
  • Healthcare
  • Environment
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Tourism
  • Taxation

The book will be released in multiple digital formats under a Creative Commons licence, allowing it to be disseminated for free by anyone or any organisation. It will be published in February 2019 (or sooner). 

The money raised goes largely towards my time, for producing the book. By having financial backers, this gives me a deadline and therefore the motivation to deliver it. Funds also cover getting it formatted for the various different platforms, fact-checking and a small website build (hosting, domain names etc.)

I hope you can support this project and that it will be another tool to win the hearts and minds of those wavering about independence. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

Print edition

As well as a digital copy, you will receive a signed, printed first edition of the book as well as your name listed as a supporter ( if you wish)

£10 or more

£10 Reward

You'll be kept up-to-date with progress and you'll get e-mailed a PDF of the final publication. You'll also get that warm feeling knowing you helped complete strangers embrace independence in a creative way.

£20 or more

Your name in lights

Regular updates a digital copy and your name listed in the book as a supporter (if you wish)

£250 or more

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Your name in the story

Your name or one you nominate will appear as a character in the book as well as listed as a supporter. (You can opt out of either or both if you wish)

£500 or more

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Patron's privelege

All other rewards as well as an advanced draft of the book with the opportunity for you to give feedback and advice to the author. (Optional)

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