The Temple of Iris at Nowhere 2019

by Temple Keepers in Sariñena, Aragon, Spain

The Temple of Iris at Nowhere 2019


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Raising funds and vibes for the Temple at Nowhere. We need your help to get this fire burning, and to bring the Sacred vibes to the playa

by Temple Keepers in Sariñena, Aragon, Spain

To all that have ever stepped into a temple space, at Burning Man, Nowhere, or anywhere. To all that have felt that moment of calm and peace in a held space, who have found respite in intentional spaces, who have stepped away from the rush of the world to listen to their own breath and be present. We need your help. 

We want to bring this space to Nowhere in 2019. Nowhere has had an illustrious history of beautiful Temple spaces, but for the last couple of years it has lacked a dedicated space to spiritual nourishment, for both celebration and grief. The Temple is a place to embrace, accept and transform all of life's many flavours, as we experience the richness of life through the varying motions. To fully integrate all of this, we must make time for re-charging, stillness, softness, and presence. We feel called to make sure that Nowhere has a Temple in 2019. Nowhere has already approved a large hunk of our funding, and with your help, we shall secure the rest to ensure that we can bring this gift of a Sanctum to the playa.

Nowhere is happening on the 9th to 14th of July this year, and we shall be bringing the Temple of Iris. The Temple of Iris is devoted to the Greek Goddess Iris, who's name means 'Rainbow'. She is the messenger between the Clouds and the Sea, between Heaven and Earth, a unifying presence. She is the fruit of the sun and the rain's union, and a ray of hope for all who witness. The Rainbow is all inclusive, her kaleidoscope representing the diversity of those who shelter under her bridge of light, and our inclusitivity policy at the Temple will reflect that. 

Planning and preparation is already under way. We have a superb team, dedicated to making this happen. Your funding would bring us the security we need to ensure that we can create, transport, build, and then hold the space during the event itself, caring for all that pass through the temple, no matter how long their stay. £1000, along with the money we hope to raise in our upcoming fundraiser (Come join! June 21st- link at the bottom) would allow us to safely cover the base needs of this project- the structure itself, transport for the installation, water, food and care for our core crew during build, event time and strike, and for our temple guardians during their guard, plushing of the space to make an inviting environment, tea and care for all who come to the Temple, and more. If we beat our conservative hope of raising £1000 from this fundraiser we will re-invest any additional funds back into the Temple space- in offerings (food, tea, ritual items, play items), in storage so that we may do this again, in improvements on our structure, interior and exterior, and in other areas that reveal themselves as we progress. Your donations, however small or large, whether pennies or pounds, will go a long way to allowing us to create this space for our wider community. 

We thank you deeply for taking the time to get involved! Please donate what you can, and share this fundraiser on your social media whether or not you can donate! We couldn't do this without you. 

Our fundraiser is on the 21st June! What a better way to mark the Solstice with our Temple Team! We will be hosting a mega shake off, dance and ritual to mark the long summer nights. Check it out here ;

If you want to be involved as a Temple Guardian during Nowhere, or during our fundraiser, keep an eye out on our Facebook page ;

Or if you can't wait you can email one of our Temple Keepers to sign up ;

Let's make 'The Temple of Iris at Nowhere 2019' happen

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