The Temple at Nowhere

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The Temple at Nowhere


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Flexible funding – this project and will receive all pledges made by June 3rd 2019 at 10:01pm The Temple Oak of Iris is a team of 18 members of magical creatures, who want to bring the Temple to Nowhere.

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Nowhere Festival is happening on the 9th to 14th of July this year, and we shall be bringing you the Temple.

It is with your gracious help, that we are able to build a place of retreat, Spirit, and Beingness on the playa this year.

This is an all inclusive, all encompassing Temple, for those of one religions, many, or none. In the heart of the desert, we come to celebrate the Holy, and the Oneness that we are, in our many rivers of life. We are all wounded healers on the path home, to ourselves and each other.

The Temple Oak of Iris devoted to the Greek Goddess Iris, who's name means 'Rainbow'. She is the messenger between the Clouds and the Sea, between Heaven and Earth, or the Divine Masculine and Feminine. The Rainbow is all encompassing, it is the fruit of the sun and the rains union, and a ray of hope for all who witness. The Oak, the trees, the Grandfathers of our lands, are the ones who teach us of the strength of roots, and the endurance of our will

The Temple is a place to embrace, accept and transform all of life's many flavours, as we experience the richness of life through the varying motions. To fully integrate all of this, we must make time for re-charging, stillness, softness, and presence. 

Right now it such a poignant time to be alive, for all of us, and it is so easy to get swept up in the chaos. A return to the Temple, to a sanctuary, is becoming an even greater need in these times in which we live, to come together, and come home. The Temple is here to teach us that we are all the Rainbows, the messengers between the clouds and the sea, the wounded healers, who know that inside of all of us lies the Sanctum and healing we each need all need

The Temple reminds us to know ourselves as part of the whole, the one beating heart, and to love so deeply, as is innate to us all. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world, and when we come together, we have the power to create a vortex!

Let's make 'The Temple at Nowhere' happen

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