The Teacher's Handbook

by nicholasarr in Northamptonshire

We did it
On 17th February 2015 we successfully raised £1,510 with 38 supporters in 35 days

We are hoping to raise £1500 to go towards a new short film being made by CapeLondonArtists - The Teacher's Handbook.

by nicholasarr in Northamptonshire

New stretch target

An ageing Teacher, who has been working at the same school for 20 years becomes tired and frustrated with his job. So he decides to write a Handbook for teachers about how to survive a day in the school. A new short film written by first time Director Nick Laws and produced with CapeLondon Artists.

Why The Teacher's Handbook needs your help.

The Teacher's Handbook is being made with a new Theatre Company called CapeLondon Artists:

CLA is a unique theatre arts based company who seek to bring compelling, challenging and entertaining theatre and arts projects to Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes. We strive to give young actors, writers, designers, musicians and artists the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents to people who are invested in film and theatre.

CLA showcased The Laramie Project in September 2014 in The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough. This was a well received first step for CapeLondon, and we would like to build on this. This new step will be The Teacher's Handbook, but we need you're help. 

We're hoping to raise £2000 to go into the budget for the film. This means the money that you will invest in us goes towards the cameras, the lighting, the location, the costume; everything that will make this film possible, and the reason it will be possible is because of you

Now that's a little bit exciting isn't it?

Why CrowdFunding?

Films aren't just made. They are an investment for someone or something. This something or someone forms the audience that watch the film, without this audience what's the point of making the film? And what I'm trying to create with the Teacher's Handbook is something that can be viewed and enjoyed by the audience that it was made for, as all filmakers are. So, we're going to CrowdFunding to give the oppurtunity to our audience to help create something that is wholly made for them. 

I've asked people in the past whether they would contribute to this project and I've been met with a lot of answers saying "Well, what do I get out of it?" And the answer is nothing, but it's not about getting something in return.

What you receive is The Teacher's Handbook. A film that you have made possible to make. A film that gives opportunities to young talent interested in the film industry; whether it be starring, writing, producing or the creative process as I am.

Who will be making this?

The people behind The Teacher's Handbook are a dedicated team who aspire to work in film and theatre. The people involved are, like myself, young people interested in the film industry and the theatre world and are helping to make the The Teacher's Handbook a brilliant piece of work.

When planning this project I wanted to make it as inclusve as possible so the team that are handling the film are people either going into film making, already working with films, working in the theatre or simply have a passion for films. These people are my friends and peers and I trust them more than anyone and do not doubt that they will help create a film that is well made, captivating and enjoyable to watch.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

- Nick Laws, writer and director, The Teacher's Handbook.


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£10 Reward

A thank you for believing in our project!

£10 or more

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Thank you for believing in us! You get your name in the credits of the film and be listed as one of our investors!

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make The Teacher's Handbook!

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