The Swing

The Swing

What is The Swing? A short film exploring the hidden meanings behind 'The Swing', that provided with safety, protection and comfort.

We did it!

On 20th May 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 21 days

What is The Swing?

When I was younger and at school, when I didn't have many people I felt I could turn to, everyday my confidence was being stripped away from me. Always quiet in school because I was too afraid to speak, so lived in silence, standing in the shadows allowing people to walk all over me.

Everyday, I would feel this deep emotional pain inside of me and then when I went to school, there were always people more than happy to deepen that pain I was feeling. Always, these feelings and emotions would stay bottled up inside of me, becoming so angry with everyone and the world around me.

The Swing was a  temporary solution to a long term problem. It Provided me with protection, safety and comfort. It was also a way of escaping from reality.

By sitting on The Swing, I was escaping from the Maze of confusion in my mind and away from my thoughts and feelings. To sit on The Swing and escape from reality was my way of dealing with my emotions and the pain I was experiencing.

My happy place was on The Swing, people could not hurt me. At a time when I was so confused, felt so unsafe and uncomfortable, I was able to break free of the torment and feel happy.

What will the funding pay for?

Well, as the film has so much personal meaning to me and I think it can be relateable to so many people, I need to be able to get it out there to as many people as possible. To do this, I would obviously upload the film to YouTube but that doen't guarantee lots of people will see it.

Therefore, I need to have a marketing budget of around £200-£225 to pay for the cost of advertising the Short Film on the YouTube platform as well as paying for the entry to a variety of film festivals around the country (possibly even around the world).

The rest of the money will pay for Travel expenses as I will be travelling back and forth around Bedford with my Main Actor. Any money left will then be given to actors accordingly for their contribution to the project.

Why Crowdfunding?

Well because films can't simply be successful with no budget at all. Marketing is one of the most important stages because if you can't market your film then who will actually see it?

No one will see it.

Crowd funding has been proven to be the best way of getting a film project off the ground because especially if your a student like me, we don't have loads of money to spend on making films so for me this is the best way I can get some money for my project.

I want people to see this film. Admittely, I have done film projects in the past, used my own equipment, got some friends to act and had no budget at all but have many people seen these films? Of course not.

Now because I feel like im getting to a good level and have worked on alot of my own short films by this point, I want to take it up to the next level and get people across the country and the world to see my work.

What will you get out of it?

If you donate just £5 to the project, you will recieve a mention in the credits under 'Supporters of the Project'.

By donating £20 the project, you will also recieve a copy of the final film before it is released and donate £30 or more and you will even see an exclusive interview with the main character before anyone else.

Sorry its not much but as its a very small team working on this project, thats the best we can offer. Hopefully, for future films likea short Horror we are working on, we will be able to offer more exciting perks for all our supporters.

Thank you :)



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