The Sustainable Recipe Book with Stories

by Zara Whitfield in Toller Whelme, England, United Kingdom

The Sustainable Recipe Book with Stories
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Sharing beautiful stories and recipes of wonderful people met or admired along a 10 year journey in to food. Pre-selling 800 copies.

by Zara Whitfield in Toller Whelme, England, United Kingdom

A team of three, me; the writer, story teller and project manager (I’ll be the one letting you know all of the updates along the way too), a photographer, a young guy who moved from the city to the south west in search of the good life for his young family. A chef, tying in all of our lovely stories and adventures with edible mind blowing recipes that are a little different from anything else out there. Our idea is to share stories of people we have met along our journey in to food, we are all in our early thirties now, and all entered the foodie world in our late teens. We have had lots of help along the way, experienced kindness, hardships and each of us has a different behind the scenes perspective of what it is like to climb the ladder within the food industry. We are all creatives, and have all worked hard helping other businesses grow, we’d like to undertake this project just for us, from us, but for you! We want to create something beautiful, heartfelt and helpful. We will cover all aspects of food, from rewilding, to the organic movement, slow-food, cooking over fire, comfort food, foraging, stories of chefs who came from nothing and are now celebrities, a food photographers journey, artisan producers, pop-up kitchens, street food, knife making, and more.

This project won’t be a profitable one for us, we are raising the same amount it will cost us to undertake and print, but it is our passion and the stories will then be out there for everyone to enjoy!


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