The Survival of Mango Bottoms

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The Survival of Mango Bottoms
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To ensure the Survival of Mango Bottoms, and to secure employment for current staff.

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Our Background and Current Situation

Mango Bottoms is a family run Bar and Restaurant in Balham South West, London. We have been open since February 2017, we were blessed to be able to secure this restaurant since we are just an everyday average working class family, which grew up in the Battersea and Balham area over 40 years ago. Since obtaining the restaurant, although we have been getting great reviews, and have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, we have struggled to keep the business going. Our overheads are extremely high due to the changes and the up-cycle of the Balham area "very different to the Balham we knew when we were growing up! The rent alone is £3,000 a month and our business rates are £13,000 per annum. Unfortunately  we are unable to get a reduction on our rent, even though we took on the building which had lots of unforeseen repairs to do. We have spent a lot of our already limited funds on rectifying these problems, and couldn't start trading until 3 months after obtaining the lease.

This is my first premises, and before this I was a Market Trader, so I was very green to these hurdles in obtaining the premises. I feel since our family are originally from this area, and that we should try to make a living in Balham,.

What we Need and What the Funds Will be used for?

We are kindly asking for a donation of £50,000 in total as soon as possible, this is to help to secure the survival of Mango Bottoms, as we have exhausted all of our funds and family contributions in keeping the business going as a relatively new business. Currently we are unable to open full time due to the financial pressures which is causing strain on our staff, as we are unable to give them sufficient hours of work. I have tried my utmost best in trying to avoid unemployment to my staff as they have families and need the work. Furthermore, these funds will help to secure their jobs and also will help us to market the business more effectively to meet a wider target audience, also it will enable us to up-cycle the business 'making changes that would be more appealing to our customers, for e.g. better seating, a varied bar and food menu, efficient service by fixing the food lift and also having better catering equipment, which will ensure a more efficient food service. Whilst these changes are happening the funds will also help to keep us going by taking care of our overheads.

What this Support will Mean to us here at Mango Bottoms

If we are blessed enough to receive the funds, it will mean everything to us, as so much effort, input, sacrifices, time have been made by myself and the family to sustain us so far. To cut a long story short, we have have given everything both financially and emotionally, it has been extremely difficult at times 'impacting on my own health as well as my family. However, through sheer determination and a God given drive, we carry on because we believe in the future of Mango Bottoms. We at Mango Bottoms would be "eternally" grateful and appreciative for this financial support. Words can't really even describe. To be very basic, and frank, these funds will enable Mango Bottoms to survive and without it, it would result in it's potential closure


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10,000 or more

A Free Main Meal For a Year

A free main meal for 1 year for a maximum of 104 meals for any single donations of £10,000 or more.

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