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On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 94 days

THE StreamiX AMP is an innovative New Music Playing interface, delivering you exactly the music you desire, when you want and where you want:


How would you like to have access to ...

  • Almost every type of music in existence;
  • DIY / Indie / Major
  • And that you could decide to Enjoy what you want, based on music you;
  • Already Own / Recently Heard And Loved / Fervently Discover
  • Hearing exactly what you are in the mood for at that moment in time;
  • Aggressive / Mellow / Party
  • AMP by StreamiX Digital Limited will bring you all this with our Unique Music Player;

The online ‘Patent Pending Prototype’: hints at what THE StreamiX AMP is capable off...


Described by up and coming acts Biba's Dead & Ethemia as …

"An Artist's Alternative to Spotify", this Hybrid Streaming Download model offers fair Artist Revenue Share on Downloads, in return for Promotional Use Streaming.


Our simple Iconic - Intuitive - Innovative device Encourages Music Ownership cleverly and in a psychologically pleasing way via its intrinsic ip protected System of Selection and Review of Favourites.

The StreamiX AMP would also make a great Product Differentiator / Conversion Tool for Streaming Companies Struggling to make profits and wanting to increase their key Free to Paid ratios.

THE StreamiX AMP could do this and is therefore potentially ‘Transformational’…

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