The Story of Elfrida

by Maisie Watkins in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom


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The Story of Elfrida is a medieval fantasy film, based in two time periods, which follows two adventurers through the ruins of a kingdom.

by Maisie Watkins in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom


The Story of Elfrida follows Blaith and Prija, two young explorers, as they discover the tragic tale of the last Queen of Tulworth, and uncover a version of history that they never knew existed! 

We begin with our explorers, joining them as they delve into the ruins of a great palace, and follow them through their journey of discovery. Simultaneously, we are seeing the history of Tulworth through flashbacks, following Elfrida, the last Queen, seeing her coronation and reign. 


Writer/Director - Heidi Sholl 

Heidi is this films director and writer, and feels lucky to be working with such an excited crew all sharing her vision! Heidi is a very hands-on kind of girl, so rest assured she will be working very hard to make this film as wonderful as it can be! She's extremely excited to bring this ambitious world to life, and hopes that everyone enjoys the final product!

Producer - Maisie Watkins

Maisie is the Production Manager for this project, meaning that she is in charge of getting the story from page to screen. Maisie is concerned with the organisational and logistical side of the film, ensuring that the rest of the crew have everything they need to make the best film possible. As a second year film student at Bournemouth University, she is excited to take on a challenge of this size and gain more experience as a production manager. 

Director of Photography - Abbie Rice  

Abbie is the Director of Photography for this project, meaning that everything to do with the visual style of the film comes down to her. Now in her second year on the film course at Bournemouth University, Abbie is excited to develop her visual style and make the film look as good as possible while telling this story.

Production Designer - Rebecca Prow 

Rebecca has always had an interest in the designing of spaces and interiors, Bournemouth University has given her the opportunity to explore design within relation to film. As a first-time production designer she is looking to explore and develop the costumes, set and props to the point of realism, as well as representing the scripts themes and directorial vision through her own experience in such areas. 

Sound Designer - Claire Allan 

Claire is the sound designer for both location and post production. This means she will use her knowledge of professional equipment to record dialogue and sound effects. She will then add in additional effects and ensure the sound is of optimum quality. As someone who is keen to work on set, this is a great role for Claire! 

Editor - Joe Lomax  

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Joe is this projects editor, meaning he is tasked with cutting together all the raw footage and turning it into the finished product. Having worked on films previously, and as a second year student at Bournemouth University, he is excited to lend his experience to this ambitious challenge!

Camera Assistant - Reuben Block

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Reuben is a second year film student who has written and directed several of his own short films and is super excited to be apart of this project!


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