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We are fundraising for the creation of a new contemporary dance work titled The Storm, a piece for 7 dancers that examines mental health.

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Funding is sought for the creation and touring of The Storm, a new contemporary dance work for 7 dancers by award winning choreographer James Wilton, in collaboration with Polish Prog-Rock band Amarok.

The Storm is based on the following metaphor:

You can’t see the wind, but you can see how it changes objects.

You can’t see mental health, but you can see how it changes people.

A low becomes a depression, a depression becomes a storm.

When you’re unhappy people say “it will all blow over”. 

There is a calm before the storm, is there one afterwards?

The work will feature JWD’s unique blend of break dance, acrobatics, martial arts and capoeira and will be high energy, athletic and accessible for audiences, whilst still engaging them in a complex subject matter.

As part of the creation JWD are collaborating with Dr. David Belin, lecturer in behavioural Neuro-Science at Cambridge University.

The work will be created over summer 2018 before touring extensively throughout Autumn 2018, 2019 and into 2020, with an aim of doing a minimum of 100 performances, as JWD did with their previous work LEVIATHAN.

As part of the touring process JWD will delver a large number of workshops, with a particular aim in engaging young people. James Wilton Dance deliver over 100 workshops per year, reaching over 3,000 people in the process, with this project we aim to grow this number.

What we need funding for:


This will be JWD’s biggest, most ambitious work to date, therefore JWD need to grow their funds in order to match this ambition. The company want to purchase technical gear (high powered fans, projectors) and set design in order to give the piece a really powerful aesthetic to accompany the powerful dancing.


JWD are collaborating with prog-rock artist Michal Wojtas / Amarok on this project. This will be the first musical collaboration that JWD have embarked upon and promises to deliver a truly remarkable piece of art. Having used Amarok’s music for his creation for Theater Münster in Germany, Wilton has been hugely inspired by the music.


Having an increased budget allows JWD to have the infrastructure to deliver an even larger number of workshops, meaning more people, particularly young people, get to experience dancing the work, learning about the subject behind it, and hopefully understanding mental health in a more detailed way.

Quote from James Wilton

“This is our biggest, most ambitious work yet. Having created middle/large scale works for other companies for many years (e.g. Opera Graz and Konzert Theater Bern) I am really excited to create a work for my own company that has this scale and size in mind.

I think we are dealing with a really important and prevalent subject matter and that everyone can engage with mental health and happiness in some way. I want to create a work that not only wows audiences with its other-worldly athleticism, but also gets people talking about mental health. Having input from Dr. David Belin also means that the work we create is routed in genuinely scientific psychology.

I am hugely inspired by the music that Amarok has started writing for the work. It is powerful, textured and just mind blowing to listen to. It is the sort of music that you would listen to on your iPod as well as enjoying in the theatre, in fact as I write this I am listening to it! I am thrilled to have Amarok on board for this project.”


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Thank You!

You will receive a thank you on social media and be listed as a supporter on the company website

£50 or more

Thank you+Poster

You will receive a poster of The Storm as well as a thank you on our website

£100 or more

Signed poster

Receive a poster of The Storm signed by the entire cast

£250 or more

Signed poster and T-shirt

You will receive a poster signed by the entire cast and a James Wilton Dance T-shirt

£500 or more

2 tickets to premiere

You will receive 2 tickets to the premiere of The Storm at Dance East, as well as being invited to a post show reception.

£1,000 or more

Premiere, post show +dress rehearsal

You will receive 2 tickets to the premiere of The Storm at Dance East, as well as being invited to a post show reception and to come and see the dress rehearsal of the work.

£2,500 or more

Premiere, post show, dress+dinner invite

You will receive 2 tickets to the premiere of The Storm at Dance East, as well as invitations to watch the dress rehearsal and a post show reception. You will also be invited to go for a dinner with the company and cast.

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