The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation: The Bigger Picture

Raising £100,000 towards life saving medical research and support for families suffering from leukaemia and cancer.

We did it!

On 1st Jul 2015 we successfully raised £3,895 with 21 supporters in 35 days

The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation 

The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation was establised in 2013 after Stiliyan Petrov was diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia in 2012. Stiliyan had an illustrious career playing for Celtic FC, captaining Premier League side Aston Villa and Captaining Bulgaria in his International career before being forced to retire to take on an even bigger battle; for his life. 

Stiliyan and his family have had a very tough few years but in January 2015 Stiliyan completed his treatment and is now in remission. He and his wife, Paulina, set up the foundation because of the issues they encountered during treatment and seeing how much work is still required to ensure more people can survive life-threatening illnesses. 

"“I’ve come to understand and appreciate the way in which this disease impacts the lives of so many. It can become a very costly process for families as they require travel, accommodation, and of course the cost of medical care. I can help, and I want to help set up a foundation and we can address the issues involved when people are diagnosed with this illness."Stiliyan Petrov

Our Mission

The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation has begun a 30-day campaign to raise £100,000 towards lifesaving research through a “Good-Feel” campaign, The Bigger Picture, where we seek to inspire thousands.

The funds are raised to support institutions (below) across the country that are pioneering global medical treatments and patient care as we strive to revolutionsie the way leukaemia and cancer are treated. 



Stiliyan was treated at University Hospital Birmingham, as he underwent stem cell transplants, chemotherapy and an aggressive course of drug treatments, something that the hospital is fiercely trying to improve and already seeing some great results of prolonged life. 

“I have the upmost respect for Stiliyan and what he’s attempting to do. He and many people like him go through hell during the years of treatment and our team is critical in the delivery of quality medical practices. We are delighted to be supporting such a great foundation and hope to see the community really back what Stiliyan and Paulina [Stiliyan’s wife] are trying to achieve.” - Sandeep Nasgra, University Hospital Birmingham

University College London is battling cancer through gene therapy whereby they aim to find a cure for leukaemia and cancer by enhancing the human immune system through T-Cell development.

Birmingham Children's Hospital are pioneers in care for children with cancer and who constantly seek to improve the conditions for patients and their families alike. They recently succesfully raised funds to create a state-of-the-art support centre


Above: Stiliyan and Paulina Petrov donate £20,000 towards Dr. Francis Mussai's Pediatric Oncology Department in March 2015


Raising £100,000 towards saving lives

The Bigger Picture looks to evoke a sentiment that relates to most people and a negligence we’re all guilty of - taking the “little things” in life for granted. The campaign asks us to re-evaluate our busy lives, consider “the bigger picture” and appreciate the smaller things in life. How the odd catch up with friends in the pub, a walk in the park with family or simply holding the door for a stranger probably means a whole lot more than we realise.

Stiliyan knows first hand how life changes drastically for those who are diagnosed with a life threatening illness and in a split second their worlds are turned upside down. Those affected swiftly transform their life perspectives, but it shouldn’t take devastating news to appreciate life.

The Bigger Picture will reach the nation and encourage the public to capture the people, places and possessions that mean the most to them. The foundation wants people to celebrate the “little things” in a big way, and is offering the chance for entrants and patrons to win exclusive prizes, such as priceless sporting memorabilia and exclusive one-off rewards.


Above: Stiliyan pays a visit to some of the children suffering with cancer at Birmingham Children's Hospital


All the pictures we receive from audiences across the world of the people and places that mean a lot to them, will be collated into a mosaic, creating the Bigger Picture of everyone's treasured moments. This we will create as signed photographs and canvases, which will become rewards for patrons who donate a certain amount towards our target. 

“I feel privileged now, too, that I can help the families and victims of leukaemia and other cancers. Together with your support, we will help many people to overcome. This is our mission.” - Stiliyan Petrov

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our campaign, we can't acheive our target without you. Please share with friends and family and send in your photos to enter our competition and celebrate the small things that mean a big deal to you.

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