The Stars are Made of Concrete

We are a Manchester based fringe theatre company taking a new play The Stars Are Made of Concrete to four venues across North-West England.

We did it!

On 17th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £1,205 of £1,200 target with 26 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We acheived our target. Amazing! Thank you to everyone who helped there. But an extra £800 would be even better. It means that we can pay the actors for a longer rehearsal period and they can concentrate on creating great work rather than being worried about paying their bills.

The play

Adam has never had a job. At the age of twenty-four he is deemed lazy and useless by everyone around him: but when his mum, Bev, is made redundant after over a decade of working in the NHS the tables are turned. As Adam struggles to set up a life for himself and his new family, Bev is left wondering – “If we’re all in this together, why do I feel so alone?”

Why is this work important?

Because it breaks down the stereotype that people on benefits are lazy and looking for a handout that is constantly reinforced by the media. Adam and Bev each tell the story from their own very different perspectives. It isn’t a self-pitying tale of woe, but a play about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. It is a story which needs to be told and we want as many people as possible to see it.

The company

Messy Dress Productions is a Manchester based theatre company founded in 2009 by actor and writer Michelle Ashton. We aim to create, develop and tour original new theatre by engaging artists and audiences from all backgrounds to explore the challenges and choices faced by those in our society who are under-represented in mainstream theatre. The company won a Forever Manchester Award for our first production Good Hidings at the 2009 Not Part Of Festival. Last year, The Stars are Made of Concrete was nominated for Best Drama and Best New Writing at The Greater Manchester Fringe Festival.

The Team

  • Adam – Jarreau Benjamin
  • Bev – Zoe Matthews
  • Sinead – Jenny Jordan-O’Neill
  • Carol – Joanne Dakin
  • Gaz – John Bulwich
  • Director – Colin Connor
  • Writer – Michelle Ashton
  • Producers – Michelle Ashton and Will Teller

What will happen to your money?

  • £5 – you have printed the scripts to use in rehearsal
  • £10 – you have booked an hour of rehearsal space
  • £25 – you have transported the actors to Preston
  • £50 – you have paid an actors wage for a performance
  • £100 – you have printed our marketing materials
  • £200 – you have hired The Lantern Theatre for one performance

Why do we need it?

This is a Fringe Theatre Production with five actors, all of whom will be working very hard for very little financial reward.  If we can take care of as many of these production costs as possible, the more we are able to market the show. The more people who come to see it the higher the box office split for the actors.

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