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Help our dad and others battle Parkinson's and speech impediments by backing an awareness-raising documentary and raising funds for charity

We did it!

On 21st Mar 2016 we successfully raised £2,774 of £2,500 target with 90 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

We have raised our target but if we can beat it we could give even more to charity and make an even better awareness raising documentary!

Our crowdfunding campaign has finished but we will be posting updates to let you know how our Dad is getting in.

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You can find out more about his story on this BBC clip


Every dad dreams of giving away their daughter on her wedding day and making a great father of the bride speech.

Government cutbacks and Parkinson's has made that honour more difficult for many sufferers like our dad as his speech has deteriorated as a result of the condition.

Our dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2006. 

This conditon creates muscle stiffness and tremors and can also result in speech impediments. 

Parkinson's sufferers used to be able to access speech therapy on the NHS, but this has been reduced due to government cutbacks.

Instead people like our dad are left relying on apps, expensive speech devices or just suffering in silence. 

A stutter or speech impediment can hit a person's confidence, contributing to loneliness and isolation, yet there is little state support for therapy.

We want to raise awareness and give our dad his voice back and help raise funds for others like him.

He would love to be able to give a father of the bride speech at my sister's wedding on 21 August 2016.

People often raise money for a bike ride or a mountain climb, now we are looking for support towards my dad's biggest mental and physical challenge, a wedding speech.

We would like your help in crowdfunding his speech therapy and telling his and other sufferer's stories through an awareness-raising documentary that we can use to lobby the government for more NHS support.

Each lesson is £70 but there is no limit to how many he could need.

We are budgeting for about 20, and also need to pay for video and editing people and somewhere to screen the documentary to get maximum government attention for this crucial issue.

We will also donate any excess funds to speech and Parkinson's charities so we can help others in need.

Thank you for your support

Marc, Jason and Amanda Shoffman

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