The Speaking House

:a magnificent environment where people feel inspired, refreshed in an ecologically-aware exquisitely decorated artistic house and garden

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am creating a wonderful place for people to re-charge, gather inspiration, rest and be invigorated through weddings, celebrations, short breaks and creative courses.

This is a beautiful Georgian House which deserves to be brought into the twenty-first century. My expertise will turn this house and garden int a magical oasis for myself and hundreds of guests.

I studied landscape architecture because of my diverse interests of art and ecology. I wrote a PhD because of my passion for education and the environment and I taught Performing arts because of my desire to equip children with the confidence to be themselves. Everywhere I went I created beautiful environments: through my music (three published albums 'fanned' by Stevie Nicks), my home ( three brilliant, now adult children), my designs ( house interiors and gardens) and my Air BnB business. I am the grand-niece of Sir Laurence and Rex Whistler, who's work is in the Tate, Victoria and Albert and Windsor Castle. I have a passion for creativity, and a singing voice to go with it....

I want the perfect funding partners to take this from the planning stage into reality: two years of phased development, during which groups can still stay and enjoy the space, where the listed Georgian House will be brought into the twenty-first century and the garden transformed into a magical wonderland of treehouse, nooks, grotto, swimming pond and tennis court and woods. 

I know the figures and they are good. Weddings, weekly and overnight stays, children's parties and creative workshops  all contribute to my being able to buy you out within eight years ( if you have invested in one chunk) , or becoming the 'gifts' for the people who fund this.

I conceived to the Speaking House two decades ago as a place for pope to flock to where they could find inspiration and beauty in harmony with the natural world both within and without. 

I am an artist through and through and believe thoroughly in discovering the worlds within and allowing them to surface and blossom. 

The Speaking House is a fabulous place to get married in a treehouse.

It is a place to relax in a rain-water-filled crystal-grotto steam bath (!)- a relic of the original builders' passion.

It is a place to create extraordinary family memories on group holidays.

It is a place where Children can re-discover their magical selves in secret garden-parties deep in the woodlands

It is a place of magic, mystery and beauty. A space for reflection, inspiration and invigoration. 

And a place for me to pour my intelligence, artistry and passion into every day of my life.

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