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:a magnificent environment where people feel inspired, refreshed in an ecologically-aware exquisitely decorated artistic house and garden

by Isabel Aimee Berkeley in Chedzoy, England, United Kingdom

I am creating a wonderful place for people to re-charge, gather inspiration, rest and be invigorated through weddings, celebrations, short breaks and creative courses.

This is a beautiful Georgian House which deserves to be brought into the twenty-first century. My expertise will turn this house and garden int a magical oasis for myself and hundreds of guests.

I studied landscape architecture because of my diverse interests of art and ecology. I wrote a PhD because of my passion for education and the environment and I taught Performing arts because of my desire to equip children with the confidence to be themselves. Everywhere I went I created beautiful environments: through my music (three published albums 'fanned' by Stevie Nicks), my home ( three brilliant, now adult children), my designs ( house interiors and gardens) and my Air BnB business. I am the grand-niece of Sir Laurence and Rex Whistler, who's work is in the Tate, Victoria and Albert and Windsor Castle. I have a passion for creativity, and a singing voice to go with it....

I want the perfect funding partners to take this from the planning stage into reality: two years of phased development, during which groups can still stay and enjoy the space, where the listed Georgian House will be brought into the twenty-first century and the garden transformed into a magical wonderland of treehouse, nooks, grotto, swimming pond and tennis court and woods. 

I know the figures and they are good. Weddings, weekly and overnight stays, children's parties and creative workshops  all contribute to my being able to buy you out within eight years ( if you have invested in one chunk) , or becoming the 'gifts' for the people who fund this.

I conceived to the Speaking House two decades ago as a place for pope to flock to where they could find inspiration and beauty in harmony with the natural world both within and without. 

I am an artist through and through and believe thoroughly in discovering the worlds within and allowing them to surface and blossom. 

The Speaking House is a fabulous place to get married in a treehouse.

It is a place to relax in a rain-water-filled crystal-grotto steam bath (!)- a relic of the original builders' passion.

It is a place to create extraordinary family memories on group holidays.

It is a place where Children can re-discover their magical selves in secret garden-parties deep in the woodlands

It is a place of magic, mystery and beauty. A space for reflection, inspiration and invigoration. 

And a place for me to pour my intelligence, artistry and passion into every day of my life.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£8 or more

Hand-Made Thank You Card

A Lovely Hand-made card of appreciation for your donation.

£20 or more

Children's Costume Makery for Halloween

Two and a half days devoted to creating the perfect costume for your little one. You will receive expert tips, tricks, styling, fabric and fitting advice from Nicola Kalocsai, Costume maker extraordinaire with artistic and couture help from Isabel Aimee. Take home a finished garment and if you have time, an accessory, in addition to learning fabulous new skills in a brightly creative environment. Inspiration, relaxation and focused fun.

£28 or more

Receive a Hand-written Poem of Love

Receive a short poem written especially for you as a token of appreciation on beautiful water-marked paper in ink-pen

£40 or more

Private Singing Tuition Hour Course fo 10 Lessons

An Hour of one on one SINGING tuition with Isabel Aimee Berkeley PhD ( that's me ;) )- teacher of performing arts and expert voice coach, to develop your jazz, pop, classical or song-writing skills and hone your talent. Live or via SKYPE/Facetime

£40 or more

Private Acting Tuition Hour

An Hour of one on one acting tuition with Isabel- teacher of performing arts and expert teacher, to develop your skills and hone your talent. Live or via SKYPE/Facetime

£120 or more

3 Hours of Personal Style Coaching

Up to three hours of personal style and design coaching. -Helping you to find your personal colours for your home-styling, your clothing and exhilarating your personality. Live, in person or via SKYPE/Facetime

£150 or more

Make Your Home-Made Eco Cleaning Kit

Have fun making your own eco-cleaning products with delicate essential oils, and non-invasive yet effective natural ingredients. This day is perfect if you want to upgrade your lifestyle to organic, healthy allergin-friendly cost-effective cleaning. Lovely lunches, tea, coffee, cake and fruity snacks all included in the social bubble of this day. Rooms can be booked separately if needed for overnight stay.

£200 or more

A Day of "Englishness" At Tower House

Enjoy one day in the full swing of Tower House: cook organic meals with me, help me decorate, discuss the garden, the finer points of decoration or simply indulge in reading a marvellous book by the fire-side with tea and crumpets. Elevenses, Lunch, tea, dinner and breakfast included plus stay in one of the gorgeous double rooms.

£375 or more

A Fairy-themed afternoon party for your little one

Choose from Alice in Wonderland, Willi Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Teddy Bears’ Picnic or Peter Pan. Playing in the gorgeous grounds with natural elements: in little houses, with secret tea-parties. Your child will experience a party to treasure, meeting fairies in the mossy woods, treasure-hunts, hiding in willow-domes and woodland nests eating delectable macarons and sandwiches. 2.5 Hours of Party fun hosted by myself

£400 or more

Repair your Upholstery in a Glamorous setting

Luxury leisure and learning how to repair don’t normally associate together when thinking of planning a recreational break, but how many times have you wanted to save that favourite thing, replace it with a new similar one which you just can’t track down, realising you just don’t want to do without? You will be shown how to repair household items such as cushions, upholstery, bedding and curtains, and you will arrive home inspired and refreshed.

£400 or more

Learn to Repair your favourite clothing

Luxury leisure and learning how to repair don’t normally associate together when thinking of planning a recreational break, but how many times have you wanted to save that favourite thing, replace it with a new similar one which you just can’t track down, realising you just don’t want to do without? The weekend you will be shown how to repair knitwear, clothing seams, tears, rips and loose stitching within the glorious setting of Tower House.

£400 or more

Sourcing Objects of Decoration

Have you ever envied those gorgeous magazine spreads replete with exotic collections of vases, floral bouquets, the odd china elephant, picture frames, objets..? This fancy-filled weekend is dedicated to collecting and designing ornament in colour theme to compliment and enliven your rooms. We will put together one collection to be won by one lucky winner during the weekend. This is a fun, relaxed, creative weekend of good food, good company.

£400 or more

Choosing and Using Fabrics

A weekend with delicious meals, walks, tea and sumptuous rooms to bed down in the evening after long days of fabrics fabrics fabrics! The weekend will be spent discussing types, material content, designers, where to buy them, how to pay for them, how to treat them, how to use them, how to sew them and how to combine them. Colours, trends, style, upholstery, cushions and other accessories will be thoroughly examined during your comfortabl stay.

£400 or more

Wanted : A Room of Your Own?

This weekend is devoted to creating a little piece of luxury for you at home with, A Room of Your Own. Starting at the beginning; how to claw-back space for yourself, how to approach its design, how to maximise space, lean-out by up-cycling and donating, how to choose your colour theme, decorative flair, furnishings, how to budget, how to source your materials and how to put them into a finalised glorious vision. Invite your favourite friends.

£400 or more

Children's Playground Design Coaching

Planning for Children: I will work with you to accurately assess the needs of your children when designing your garden for their play and overall development. You will receive a handbook written for this process to make planning and building your own personal haven a joy for you and your children. The afternoon will consist of looking at examples and encouraging practical involvement from harvesting recycled materials to working with plants

£400 or more

Easter Decoration Makery

Fun in a house full of creating people: bring your friends, book out the rooms with your replies, and end up with armloads of scrumptious easter colour: eggs, felt decorations, tweetie-birds and all things springy will result from this little hothouse of activity over two and half days. The weekend begins with tea on Friday followed by Saturday and Sunday workshops, chat, food, little strolls, cosy fireside chats and cocoa.

£450 or more

Learn to Make a Willow Playhouse

Spend a day with me learning the techniques for weaving your own willow playhouse for you and your children. We will look at general structure, details for the base, the roof, windows and maintaining your house once it is built. Gloves are provided but no prior experience is necessary. You will take home a small design kit with details of materials, and techniques. A delicious organic lunch and snacks are provided.

£900 or more

Two Night Holiday Destination Off-peak

You can book a weekend-break with your friends and family, to enjoy a social event where you think, eat and breathe creativity the moment you walk through the door. Set in the delightful Georgian Hilcombe House, accommodation is distributed over four double bedrooms, two ensuite and two sets of twin single rooms, giving a maximum total of twelve guests at the party.

£1,450 or more

Dinner & Play: A Midsummer Night's Dream for 8-12

The perfect way to celebrate and have fun, a reading of this marvellous Shakespeare Play with 8-12 of your friends in an atmosphere of gentle encouragement. Supper and overnight stay and breakfast included! You can book with your friends and family, to enjoy a social event where you think, eat and breathe creativity the moment you walk through the door of the delightful Georgian Tower House, this country house party is something to cherish.

£1,450 or more

Supper & Read : Breakfast at Tiffany's

Become one of the characters from the marvellous, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" for the evening. A fun friendly Reading of the script together with dinner and overnight stay for 8-12 adults. Isabel will allocate your character for a fun light-hearted frolic through acting and George Axelrod / Truman Capote's Story. You can book with your friends and family, to enjoy a social event where you think, eat and breathe creativity the moment you enter.

£2,000 or more

Off-Peak 1 Weeks' Holiday Rental for 8-12

A special holiday off-peak weekly rate, to rent this lovely house for a week with your friends and family. Accommodating up to 13 guests, you can book with your friends and family, to enjoy a social event where you think, eat and breathe creativity the moment you walk through the door. Set in the delightful Georgian Tower House, accommodation is distributed over 4 double bedrooms, 3 ensuite and 2 sets of twin single rooms

£2,000 or more

De Gournay/Whistler-themed Hand-Painted Wallpaper

Found yourself looking longingly at the De Gourney's and other wall mural art? I will create a unique wallpaper panel of 100 x 1600 for you to hang in your favourite room. Inspired by my great uncles Rex and Laurence Whistler and my own history of Mural painting and decorating. I will design and paint a unique panel of wallpaper for your home.

£2,100 or more

0 of 12 claimed

4-day Learning English Garden Style

Reside in delightful accommodation, visit iconic English Gardens and receive individual design tuition for your beautiful English-style Garden. Cost includes all breakfasts and dinners, Sketch books and travel within England. Course duration five nights and four days Total Full immersion in all the elements of spatial design, plant groupings and choice, & colour. Learn the history, and the eccentricities of what makes English Gardens great.

£4,000 or more

Specially Designed Holiday Weekend for Up to 12

Work with me to design your own spectacular weekend of thrilling activities, atmosphere and food in this gorgeous house. Activities can include: a two night stay and a karaoke night, a garden bar b q, afternoon tea, creating songs, creating a play, tripping to local painting watercolours, sewing napkins, cushions or clothing!

£4,000 or more

Christmas Decoration Extravaganza!

UNIQUE EXPERIENCE for up to Twelve people to share with your friends, and family- a two and a half day weekend where in an atmosphere of utmost creativity, you get to try out and make christmas decorations hand-embroider napkins, make crackers, and create inspiring Christmas homes for your families. Myself and Nicola Kalocsai will explain, demonstrate, encourage and help you make marvellous things amidst an atmosphere of fun, laughter, and colour

£4,000 or more

Play-Acting Weekend for Ten

a mystery weekend where individuals become different characters through the facilitation of moi- acting and performing arts teacher. You come with your friends and family, to enjoy a social event where you don a new character the moment you walk through the door, play your part during meals, enjoy the social get together over meals, tea and breakfast- the classic house party, with the difference being that you get to try being someone else...

£750,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Part-Owner in Tower House

You would own 49% of the business. If you exist, you will be a magnificent match to all my goals here: I am a host, a designer a creator of atmosphere with great integrity. You will be someone who wants a brilliant park for their cash with good interest and most of all excellent values and meaning in life.

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