Help Us Bring The Music To You

by Paul Wheatcroft in United Kingdom

Help Us Bring The Music To You


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WHAT'S THE PROJECT ABOUT?It's increasingly difficult to raise the money needed to both record and promote an album if you don't have a deal ...

by Paul Wheatcroft in United Kingdom


It's increasingly difficult to raise the money needed to both record and promote an album if you don't have a deal with a publisher or record company. So we thought we'd try it this way, to see if the people who love our music would become personally involved in helping us bring the music to them.


I first met Hakim Jamal at an online forum dedicated to equal rights. Hakim is mentioned in 'Set The Night On Fire' by Mike Davies and John Wiener as being loosely in the orbit of the Black Panthers in his youth. 

As we chatted online we realised that our shared love of music and interest in civil rights movements across the world might lead to something productive and creative. And so our collaboration began. 

The death of George Floyd timed unintentionally with the completion of our first recordings. As they progressed we began to realise that music could have something to say once again about the social situation in both the UK and the US, and thus the idea for the first album 'Not Too Busy To Hate' (itself a civil rights slogan) came into being.


We're serious musicians from a Jazz and Funk/Soul background. The music could be described as 'righteous soul,' in the vein of the more serious work produced by Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield in the 1970s. We think the music deserves a wider audience because there has arguably never been a time when music with a message has been more important. It's the role of artists, we believe, to try and act as the conscience of humanity as well as to enlighten it.


We're hoping you agree and may like to contribute towards the cost of production and distribution of the next album. So far our audience has been severely limited a) by our inability to afford to work in a proper recording studio and b) by the fact that we have had to shoulder all the costs of production and distribution ourselves.

Ideally it would be great to be able to build a small recording studio in which we can produce higher-quality recordings. But even a contribution to the cost of running promotional campaigns would be helpful. In the old days we might have had a record company to do all that for us, but as most are only interested in the bottom line, our music does not have the instant appeal that most are looking for. It requires you to listen, think and feel - not things that everyone has the time or inclination to do. 


We would like to personally credit every contributor on the album sleeve and indeed to dedicate songs to contributors whose donation may be significant. You'll get the feeling and the satisfaction that you enabled something creative and beautiful to take place - and hopefully be successful. We also promise to keep you fully up to date on developments and for you to be a special guest at any future concerts we may undertake.

The image you see attached to this campaign was submitted to the 9/11 Museum last year. We intend it to be the album cover, and are indeed making limited edition prints available as part of the promotion for the album.

The video attached is taken from the last album. The track is called '10 Point Program.' It contains elements from a speech by Black Panther leader Bobby Seale, setting out what the Panthers felt needed to be done to create equality for black people in the U.S.

Thanks for reading and, in anticipation, for your support.

Let's make 'Help Us Bring The Music To You' happen

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