THE social network for Young Party People

To make a guerrilla marketing campaign- to be uploaded on youtube once it is finished to get awareness.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A judgment free zone, that unite young and outgoing people around the world!

Party While is a website and an app (connected to each other) for party people around the world. An app where you can upload your party picture, a video, a blog, a question, therefore starting a discussion, take a participation in challenges, and read party news, all in one convenient website and app. It is an online place where party people around the world can share their party moments, experiences and insights with others.

More than 50 000 people follow us already on social media and love our philosophy.

Party While is a judgment free zone, where people who will see you perhaps crazy party picture will give you thumbs up, instead of lecture you on responsible choices in life. If someone wants to upload a party picture or share their crazy party story on facebook, they risk being judged from their parents on colleagues or future employers and so on, because now everybody’s parents are on facebook. But here, on this amazing social network- Party While there are the same people as you- young people who know that we are young only once so let’s make the best out of it, by being crazy sometimes and share these great moments with other similarly thinking young people.

This campaign could really help us to go further and achieve great things. We need to promote Party While to others, so more and more people know about it- how great it is.

We need to make improvements for the website in terms of design and add even more functionality. Your contribution would help us to do that!