The Next Steps on my/our Road to Success

by Cory Lee Beevers in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

The Next Steps on my/our Road to Success
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To scale a dropshipping store more efficiently than anybody else, as well as to generate over £100,000 in month 2 from going live.

by Cory Lee Beevers in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

A Bit About Me & My Business

Starting from the beginning, I was an apprentice in digital marketing at the age of 15 after not really enjoying the life of "The Education System". I got the job because of my entrepreneurial inspiration and ideas that I constantly carry around with me, although it was more to do with the fact I was a walking tuck shop in school.

Since then I have adapted my whole life around the internet and digital marketing. My passion was initially in SEO, I specialised in this for 4 years before setting up my very own SEO agency. Instant Business was then formed specialising in bringing instant results for our customers organically. 

I don't know if it was because I am young, but many clients took advantage of our enthusiasm. We extremely over delivered, undercharged as well as not getting paid for other jobs we had completed. The business could no longer run dependant on our clients as we couldn't trust that we would be paid on the promise dates.

I had to rapidly adapt the business to be able to source income constantly, allow us not to have to chase money and let us just get extremely creative with our passion with no limits. So with all this in mind we turned to drop shipping, a solution to all of our problems. Drop shipping is simply owning a business that is selling inventory online but without holding any stock inhouse. 

With no Dropshipping experience in Facebook Ads, Product Research or Video Production I knew I had to learn fast, I think we had £1500 left in the bank to be able to "Make/Break" our business. 

I created an online baby shop, with the knowledge of how consumers buy and what increases conversion rate, I knew I had to pick a niche where someone could be emotionally attached to the individual product/store. There is not much more out there that can give someone more of an emotional attachment then a cute baby laughing. 

With this in mind, we ordered a couple of laughing teddy bears from China to our offices to produce video footage with. We got one video with a baby laughing at the teddy playing with it, nothing else, this played for 30 seconds and in 1 month we got the video to over 1,000,000 views bringing in over £2000 a day in revenue.  

Due to lack of capital, we could only scale this so far before getting in over our heads in Ad spend, making sure products were sent out on time (Paying for orders before we got paid) and other business costs that we occured. This has ended up in us having to sell our website on auction to try and gain further capital for our business. 

So What is The Idea?

The idea has already started to be put into reality. After accomplishing the success we had with our baby website we realised this market is limitless. We have found products online that nobody else is scaling at this moment in time or will be able to if we take off! It is basically a children's teddy that slaps on your wrist, doesn't sound like much but...

There are 6 variations of this individual product, they are different animals. We have created a character out of each variation by:

  • Giving them a Name
  • Favourite Colour
  • Birthday
  • And Much More!

We have also had a song produced that is a "Parody" of another famous catchy children's songs that have already gone viral. With this, I will rank on Youtube using my search engine optimisation skillset and also push the video using paid advertisements.

Alongside this, we have created storylines for multiple episodes and are already part way of creating animations to follow the storylines. We are using video production teams that have worked on videos for companies such as Nickelodeon, Nick Jnr, Netflix and many more. We have made sure that we have made the animation educational, interactive as well as funny so we can emotionally attach the brand to children. 

Marketing this will involve:

  • SEO within the Website
  • SEO within our Youtube channel
  • Instagram content of The Snapples family or just a few of them at different landmarks in the world (2D Format). 
  • Every month giving away a different character to build brand awareness.
  • Facebook Ads with different creatives (These are already planned)
  • We have influencers lined up that are going to sing our song on their social media channels and show off our product.
  • August time we can do a "School Starter Pack" with Bags, Pencil Cases & Much more with our characters on.
  • Christmas time we will have such a huge brand we will introduce bedding, blankets, pillows and more.
  • Email marketing will play a big field in our game. The cheapest and strongest marketing solution when releasing new video's, products and everything else we have planned along the journey.

We currently have the exact methods on how to start initially scaling the Facebook ads efficiently but also fast. We are expecting to generate a lot of results in a short amount of time, then the key goal of the business is maintaining that level of demand. This will include both great customer service and sending our stock to fulfilment centres to be able to minimise shipping time. 

We are also introducing new characters after every episode, later into our journey around Christmas time this year once we have built our brand, we aim to get these characters made into teddy's as well as other accessories that we sell.

Once we are generating a profit we are going to be sending out free gifts constantly to children in hospitals or in need. We want to bring The Snapples' joy around to everyone, keeping everyone educated and joyful, but more so to be able to give back from what we will have achieved. 

Who is currently involved?

My friend Hayden, he has been running a digital agency now for over 5 years. He has taken part in many projects but his biggest was building the whole backend system to Red Bull. Hayden has been doing Drop Shipping with me now for a few months, from both our past experiences we have become a very strong team.

We have the animators who work virtually. I mentioned the animation team above, they have worked with many large Children's TV brands.

We have a customer service team ready to start taking phone calls as well as answering emails and even social media messages.

And hopefully you! :)

With all of us working with many SME businesses all the way up to a variety of PLC companies, we know exactly what separates the big companies from the small. We have years of experience in the digital world between us and have never been so excited to launch a brand.

Why do we need the money and what are we going to use it for?

The money is going to be used on producing more video content constantly. When producing animation we realised it can be an extremely expensive strategy, but very powerful when done correctly. The animation can cost up to £3000 per minute of animation footage dependant on how much is happening in the clip.

Each video we want to be around 3-4 minutes long, including the song. Initially, we will finish off the final clips to the song so we can start pushing that out instantly to start producing revenue. We will then initialise our Facebook Ads strategy from spending £100 on day 1, all the way to £800 a day by 4. To be able to keep increasing this budget, or even faster if it becomes possible, we are going to have to ensure funds are there to initialise a smooth process.

Whilst we are scaling the ads, we need to make sure all fulfillments are paid for exactly when the customer places an order. The payment processor integrated into our online shop can take up to 3 days to release funds and Paypal will stick a limitation on our account once we have reached £7000 limit. This is going to be achieved in month one and this normally gets held for around a week, so we need to ensure funding is available for those days for when our earned money isn't. Paypal will remove the limitations once we have built trust and carried on earning large amounts through there system as they will be used to us doing this.

I hope this is enough information, If not I wish you would please contact me regarding any further information. 


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