Save Our Snails (Short Film)

by Philip Knowles in Disley, England, United Kingdom

Save Our Snails (Short Film)


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Save Our Snails is the new short film by Philip Knowles. When the snails go missing where does the trail lead to.

by Philip Knowles in Disley, England, United Kingdom

Save Our Snails  

In a small village one man stands against injustice, it his goal to bring the plight of the snails to the people. He has set-up a local sanctuary to rehabilitate injured snails and reintroduce them back into the world. A chance encounter leads him onto the trail of a notorious snail napper who wants to rid the neighbourhood of snails.

This film is about where I came from, a quirky little village with a lot of heart.

My neighbour had this anti-snail obsession and I remember asking him once why he was salting the ground, he replied something along the lines of snails are scum. I took this idea and reversed it, what if there was someone who felt the opposite about snails. He had this metal meshing around a plot which kept them out and I thought what if there was one that kept them in and let them recover.

With the world looking bleaker as time goes by I want to create a hero. One who doesn't have to safe the earth from an alien invasion, one who doesn't have to save the damsel in distress, one who just has to save the snails.

The Crew

The crew are made up of students from Staffordshire University;

Madi Arnold - Assistant Director 

Natalie Bakeer - Director of Photography 

Erin Crowe - Camera Operator 

Ava Crowe – Camera Assistant and BTS photographer

Ciaran Floyd – Sound Operator

Harry Knight – Boom Operator

Brandon Conroy – Lighting

Connor Fenton and George Rawding - Script Writers

The cast are still to be confirmed but they will be announced shortly. 

The Cost (or what I'll spend the money on)

£100 set design - this will include construction of cages for the snails, non-toxic paint for snails

£30 costume 

£50 actors expenses 

£30 travel cost 

£30 catering 

£60 Additional costs towards the film

If I want to see what other work you have done, where can I find it? 

Seasonal - Documentary 

Farewell, Evan Roberts - Fiction  Password - Farewell

How can I contact you for further information? 

Send me over an email at, short and sweet I know.


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The Little Helper

Your name in the credits of the film as a official funder.

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A signed copy of the script and an early access code to the film. Also your name in the credits as an official funder.

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Nice Wall Decoration

A signed poster for your living room or an office, just somewhere nice. You also will have early access to the film and access to the snail photo shoot. And also official funder in the credits.

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As well as all previous rewards you will feature in the film as a photo in the background and you can have a snail named after you. You will also have access to all previous reward tiers and credited as Official funder.

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Be in the Film

I will let you be in the film. It will be as an evil farmers hench person but you'll still be in the film. If you can't make it on the day I'll think of something else for you. DEADLINE for this reward is the 10th of March. You will also have access to all previous reward tiers and credited as Official funder.

Let's make 'Save Our Snails (Short Film)' happen