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by in Tyldesley, England, United Kingdom

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Just to let you know, the  closing date has changed. There is now a little extra time to give more people an opportunity to get involved. ...

by in Tyldesley, England, United Kingdom

Just to let you know, the  closing date has changed. There is now a little extra time to give more people an opportunity to get involved. 


It has been my long and cherished wish ( for at least 2 decades) to set up a charity.  Over time, this vision has become clearer. As my strengths lie in the creative, expressive and healing arts, I would like to use these for the benefit of all, offering donation- based treatments and training which would then fund the same work in developing countries and for those that can least afford it. 

Essentially, I seek to promote Wellbeing (Health, Healing and Happiness) in schools, family centres and organisations.


My background is in Primary Education, (specialising in Personal and Social Ed at Masters level) and I am an advocate of positive psychology. I have also trained in a range of other disciplines- Naturopathic Nutrition, multiple forms of massage and Reiki teaching and healing, yoga and fitness techniques, creative dance and ukulele! As well as being music coordinator in my early teaching days, I have been part of community choirs worldwide (for 1/4 century to date!) and am currently working with the Fallen Angels Dance Theatre for those in recovery from addiction and mental health.

The ‘Smiley Queen’  Charitable Trust

The first stage is setting up the Charitable Trust which requires a LOT of admin and I’ve been quoted £1000 ( I am also looking for 3 trustees - if you feel these values align with your own and would like to get involved, pls get in touch! )

Treatment Room

I also would like some sort of cabin/ room where I can offer treatments - prices vary, but based on what comes in , we can go from there... With the start up of any new business venture there is always outlay costs and  business equipment necessary for running a charity too! 

My Pledge 

I promise that everyone who donates will be entitled to a treatment of their choice, no matter how much you give ( we are in troubled times, I realise that!) so that people don’t feel they are ‘giving for nothing’ - there will be a fair and equal exchange - WIN WIN!

The Greatest Cut on my BIG day- 3pm Sunday 24th May! 

To kick- start this initiative, on my BIG birthday, 24th May - ( the same day as ‘I am not amused ‘Queen Victoria- [but I’m the SMiLeYQuEeN, amused, amusing and a muse]) following on from ‘The Great Shave’ ( see YouTube link) SQ is launching ‘The Greatest Cut’ - a new funky haircut where I will share my hair for those that need it most - wigs for kids with cancer - through the Little Princess Trust, ( and hopefully inspire others to do the same too!) This will take place on Facebook Live at 3pm from my personal account Edwina Clare Molloy.

The Little Princess Trust meets the Little Smiley Princess! 

At this time, I would like to read out a pop-up book I wrote for children ‘The Little Smiley Princess and her Oyster Family Find Out What Makes Us Special, Precious and Different’ , with a view to finding a publisher that does pop up books for children  - the plan is to teach children how to make their own pop-up books about how they, their family and friends are all so special, precious and different too... 

So if you feel inspired to donate ( however little)  and receive your equal-exchange WIN WIN treatment, please do so!

With infinite ♾ respect, good health, peace ☮️ & happiness (‘cos we can never have too much)
for equality of all people & absolute happiness
The ‘Queen of Giving’ SMiLeY QuEeN  aka Ed, Eds, Eddie, Edwina Clare Molloy or my initials ‘ECM’ (which also stands for ’Every Child Matters’ - a true fact!)

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