The Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary project

by Hayley Rennison in South Africa

The Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary project
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The Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary project. Participating actively in wildlife conservation, helping and protecting endangered species.

by Hayley Rennison in South Africa

Hi everyone,

My name is Hayley, I am attending university next year to study veterinary medicine. I will be going to South Africa this year to work with wildlife veterinarians and their staff who are specialised in the conservation of many animals, especially those at risk of becoming extinct.

The organisation I have selected for this experience is called African Conservation Experience. ACE supports and enables worthwhile wildlife conservation work and local communities. The money that I am raising will pay for my plane ticket, travel insurance with ACE but most of it will be to take part in the project I will be participating in. My chosen project is the Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience.

The first week consists of working with Dr Rogers, an experienced and highly regarded wildlife veterinarian who specialises in threatened species such as rhinos, elephants and lions. I will be assisting with the medical treatment, including treating wounds and diseases, pregnancy testing, rhino dehorning etc. The last two weeks would consist of working with Dr Duplessis who is also an experienced and highly regarded wildlife veterinarian who specialises in threatened species such as rhinos, rare antelope species, such as sable, roan, nyala, black impala and golden wildebeest, as well as buffalo. This provides Great opportunity to gain hands-on wildlife veterinary experience. A large percentage of work involves close range darting and chemical immobilisation of wildlife (carried out by the vet). Much of the work is focused around maintaining genetic health within populations, particularly relocation of animals between different reserves/bomas. We would assist with moving animals, removing darts and administering penicillin, vitamins and reversal drugs. Also includes taking skin scrapes/ hair samples for genetic testing and general health checks. Other regular work includes disease testing (e.g. for Bovine TB in Buffalo), pregnancy testing, parasite control work etc. Occasional giraffe capture/relocation work and work with rhinos(relocation or dehorning work). A couple of mornings/afternoons a week spent at a small clinic where cats, dogs and other domestic animals are treated. Also some work with production animals, e.g. cattle, sheep, goats and horses.

Not only will you be supporting amazing initiatives and the people who run them, but you will also be helping me achieve my goal of becoming a wildlife vet and conservationist. This life-changing experience is crucial in allowing me to gain hands-on veterinary experience by participating actively in wildlife conservation, helping endangered species, stopping the destruction of our planet, and making a difference for a worthy cause. If you are unable to donate, please share to help.Thank you for your time and for any contribution you make. 

Sincerely, Hayley

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