The Shadows We Create--- Working Title Short Film

by Jennifer James in Hull, England, United Kingdom

The Shadows We Create--- Working Title Short Film
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am creating a Short film that I have written and will be directing. I aim to submit it to short film festivals in the future.

by Jennifer James in Hull, England, United Kingdom

Thank you for taking a moment of interest in my short film project. My name is Jennifer James, a Film & Drama student at University. Inspired by one of my modules, I am creating this short film with the ambition to take it further to festivals, and with continued support, that will help progress it as a feature. 

Willow, the main character, was named after the tree, symbolizing the growth and stability through life changes. She navigates her life with a constant smile, but a deep internal struggle. This path, like so many others, eventually descends to her deepest low in order to face obstacle - her own subconscious. It is here that Willow must find the willingness to accept her defeat or the strength to live the life she portrays.  Take a journey through one's deepest thoughts, struggles, and finding the strength to awaken from a morphed reality created by the pressures of everyday life. 

Set against the backdrop of an English urban lifestyle, the short film will incorporate visually stunning effect that is intended to connect the audience on a deeper level, allowing them to identify with the character in their own way. My idea is to capture a world or the paradox of joy and unsettled sorrow in a relatable way, such that the film might stimulate conversation about this very topic and bring a greater awareness of issues that many people unknowingly face day to day.

Your donation will bring this film to life! With script in hand, my production crew and I are set to begin filming. As I wrote (and re-wrote) every word of this powerful manuscript, I imaged each scene playing out in cinematic detail. If you would like to see what I see, please make a modest donation. Funds will be used for film location travel, support extra props, and expenses. Additionally, funds will be used to help fund short film festival submissions when the film is complete. I am a student with a vision, and an ambition to go above and beyond to make something extraordinary. If this sounds like a project you would like to come to your screen, please donate. All donations will be credited as “Executive Benefactors” of the film. As a student, I have found to make the most of every penny:) 

Thank you for ALL support and no donation is too small. Supporting the creative process inspires the creativity itself. Without the generosity of people like you, the world might never experience the greatness of the human spirit.

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